Spurs Postseason Push Hits Big Challenge In Denver

Spurs Postseason Push Hits Big Challenge In Denver

The San Antonio Spurs, who had made the playoffs for 22 consecutive seasons under Gregg Popovich, have missed out on the tournament the past two years in a row.  If they can keep one of the last two Western Conference playoff berths, they will have a shot at breaking their losing streak.

With four games left to play, San Antonio leads the Los Angeles Lakers by two games for the 10th spot, and all four of those remaining games are against teams currently in the playoffs.

Spurs Postseason Push Hits Big Challenge In Denver

Just Take Care of Business.

The Spurs (33-45) face their first test on Tuesday night as they travel to take on the Denver Nuggets (47-32). The season series between San Antonio and the Lakers was split, but the Spurs have the tiebreaker thanks to their stronger conference record.

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In the final week of the season, the Spurs are not concentrating on the Lakers. “As long as we just take care of business and not really focus on anybody else, just focus on ourselves each and every game,” forward Keldon Johnson said following Sunday’s victory against Portland.

Under Gregg Popovich’s leadership, the San Antonio Spurs made the playoffs for 22 consecutive seasons. However, the team has failed to go past the second round in either of the past two campaigns.

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If they can… They may be Able to Put an End to the Drought.

The Nuggets’ best two players besides Nikola Jokic seem unlikely to be available down the stretch. However, the organisation has not indicated whether or not either Jamal Murray (ACL surgery) or Michael Porter Jr. (back surgery) will play despite increasing their workload and participating in strenuous pregame workouts.

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Final Words

Jokic, who lacks them, has flourished and is now a favourite to win league MVP for a second straight season despite having subpar numbers. Jokic is averaging 26.8 points (ninth), 13.7 boards (second), and 8.0 dimes per game (eighth).