Why Does Slick Rick Wear An Eyepatch

Why Does Slick Rick Wear An Eyepatch

When he was a baby in southwest London, he was hit in the right eye by shards of glass from a broken window.

It has been suggested in another answer that there was a gunfight, but I have not been able to locate any evidence to support that assertion, so it may simply be a guess or supposition.

This is why footnoting your sources is always a good idea. Rick’s dark sunglasses or eyepatch, which he worn almost his whole life, became one of many distinguishing characteristics that helped him stand out in the Bronx’s early Hip-Hop scene.

Why Does Slick Rick Wear An Eyepatch

Rick Is A Rapper And Record Producer.

This newfound creative zeal was spurred on by his injury, which he described as: “Because of my sight, I was never one to go out and play sports; instead, I penned stories.” Rick rap was instantly recognisable due to his distinctive patch, which he wore with both a London and a New York accent.

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He’s the only person I’ve ever encountered who looks and sounds exactly like him. As Slick, Richard Martin Lloyd Walters is well known. Rick is a rapper and record producer who was born in England but now lives in the United States.

His Most Popular Songs Of The 1980s.

Doug E. Fresh & the Get Fresh Crew’s “The Show” and “La Di Da Di” were two of his most popular songs of the 1980s. Def Jam Records signed him as their third artist in 1986, and he has since released four albums.

His music has been sampled and interpolated over a thousand times by artists such as Eminem, Beyonce, Mariah, TLC, Nas, Miley Cyrus, Kanye West, Black Star and The Notorious B.I.G., Snoop Dogg, MC Ren, Montell Jordan, and Color Me Badd.

Slick Rick Patch for the Eyes of Rick

Slick Rick’s diamond eye patch is well-known. Diamond-studded eye patch is one of his most famous pieces. Jacob the Jeweler, the “King of Bling,” created the eye patch according to a design by Slick. Her name is Mandy, the wife and manager of Rick.

It features a pink eye patch with diamonds in the shape of a heart. Yellow, blue, green, and black. Across the full eye patch, it is 23 inches in length. As prescribed by your doctor, an eye patch should be worn consistently. The best way to ensure that your child adheres to the patching treatment is to be supportive and reassuring.

Performing For His Adoring Fans

Twenty years ago, Slick Rick uttered the iconic line “For all of y’all, keep y’all well, want to watch you grin and enjoy yourself” in the song “La Di Da Di.” Over two decades later, Rick is still on the road, performing for his adoring fans throughout the world.

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Final Words

The 54-year-old famed MC is now sober, well, and married in New York City, where he runs a real estate company and performs and composes music.