Compare and Contrast a Casual Friendship With a Close Friendship.

Gov. Abbott Remembers Sacrifices Of Past Generations On Texas ...

When you have friends, life takes on a richer, more vibrant hue, and you get an invaluable companion. Macmilan argues that friendship, whether casual or close, plays an increasingly crucial role in both enjoyment and health (2017).

People go from being total strangers to being merely acquainted to becoming close friends and ultimately best friends via the course of their encounters with one another. As long as there are humans there, friendship can develop.

Gov. Abbott Remembers Sacrifices Of Past Generations On Texas ...

Friendship is The Greatest Blessing for Humankind.

It might happen in a variety of settings, including school, work, church, the beach, or even your living room. Friendship is the greatest blessing for humankind since it allows people to rely on and be there for one another no matter where they may be.

The author of this essay draws parallels between platonic and intimate partnerships. All friendships begin with those three things: availability, commitment, and kindness. Close friendships have higher levels of these three characteristics than do casual connections.

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Casual Friendships

Availability for close friends and sharing time is not decided by an assignment but rather by mutual consent, as opposed to the case with casual friendships, in which two students who are needed to finish a project may be forced to stay around after class to complete the project.

What this means is that it is not typical for casual friends to spend a lot of time together like close friends do. Assume you are currently dealing with a crisis. One of your closest friends will have a complete picture of the issue and how you handled it.

“I’m With You,” Is Your Best Friend.

But it was your best friend who worked through the night to figure out a solution to your predicament. The person who wrapped their arms around you and told you, “I’m with you,” is your best friend.

You made a tumble. A trusted companion will assist you in standing. A good friend will poke fun at you behind your back while she checks for wounds. You consult a trusted buddy for guidance.

The process won’t take more than a few minutes. When you turn to a trusted friend for guidance, you may expect them to say, “Give me a moment to think about it.” You need a work done, a close friend will aid you.

A True Friend Encourages

In other words, your best friend will tell you to “Your work, do it yourself.” And nevertheless you’ll discover your labour mysteriously accomplished. It is essential for a friend to be someone you can be yourself around at all times, so that you feel comfortable enough to talk about anything.

This is because a true friend listens without passing judgement and encourages rather than belittles. He or she is always there in difficult situations and cares for the friend. Close Friend: A close friend is someone you rely on and can trust.

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Final Words

A best friend is someone you can confide in about everything and everything. Friendships formed over many years mattered too much to them to abandon, so those who were still mobile visited them in the nursing home practically daily for nearly two years.

Those friendships were the glue that kept them in that little village until the end of their lives.


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