Virginia Man Arrested With Fake Inauguration Credentials

Virginia Man Arrested With Fake Inauguration Credentials

On Friday, authorities said they had apprehended a guy from Virginia who was trying to pass through a U.S. Capitol Police checkpoint in downtown Washington with false inauguration credentials, a loaded weapon, and more than 500 rounds of ammunition.

Virginia Man Arrested With Fake Inauguration Credentials

A police report posted by a Washington TV station on Saturday indicated that the arrest occurred at around 6:30 p.m. The arrest was initially.

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According to The Police Report

Wesley Allen Beeler stopped his pickup truck at a checkpoint located just north of the Capitol.

After a fatal siege of the Capitol by pro-Trump supporters on January 6 put Washington on near-lockdown in advance of President-elect Joe Biden’s inauguration on Wednesday, the checkpoint was set up.

The man was escorted to the headquarters of the United States Capitol Police, where he was subsequently charged with several offences, including conceal carry, possession of an unregistered firearm, unlawful possession of ammunition, and possession of a large capacity ammunition feeding mechanism.

Two weeks to the day after the deadly U.S. Capitol riots, law enforcement has increased security for Joe Biden’s presidential inauguration.

FBI Director Christopher Wray warned Thursday that the bureau is bracing for greater right-wing violence and armed protests during Biden’s inauguration.

At a FEMA event, Wray said, “We are seeing an extensive amount of troubling internet conversation, I guess that’s the best way I would describe it.” This discussion is regarding a variety of events surrounding the inauguration.

“We collaborate with other organisations to assess security concerns and determine the best way to counter them. Calls for possible armed protest and activities in the days running up to the inauguration are now being monitored.”

According to the papers, Beeler was detained after 6:30 p.m. by the responding U.S. Capitol officers at the intersection of North Capitol Street NW and E Street NW in the First District.

After being queried by police if he had any firearms, Beeler allegedly admitted to having a Glock semi-automatic pistol stashed in the truck’s armrest. According to the officials, the firearm was fully operational, with a round chamber and sixteen rounds of ammo already inside.

Beeler was detained for multiple violations, including having a firearm and ammo that hadn’t been properly registered.

To ensure the region’s continued security, the USCP will work in tandem with the local National Guard and other law enforcement agencies.

As a result of the tragic riots on January 6, when thousands of President Trump’s supporters gathered outside in D.C. and tried to force their way into the Capitol, security has been stepped up.

Rioters, incited by the president, broke through security and invaded the Capitol building, where they were shown on camera climbing walls, smashing windows, and rampaging around the facility while looting and vandalising rooms used by lawmakers and their staffs.

Anti-government protesters tore the American flag from a flagpole outside the Capitol and replaced it with a flag supporting Donald Trump.

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Last Words

Members of Congress were forced to escape, and a joint session called to ratify the 2020 presidential election’s Electoral College results had to be temporarily suspended as a result of the violence.


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