Aubrey Plaza Marries Longtime Love Jeff Baena My Darling …

Aubrey Plaza Marries Longtime Love Jeff Baena My Darling ...

Aubrey Plaza and her longtime partner Jeff Baena deserve our warmest congratulations.

Plaza, 36, announced the marriage to Instagram on Friday, calling the filmmaker, 43, her “darling husband” and revealing that they had been together for ten years. Afterward, her representative confirmed to PEOPLE that the two had tied the knot.

They started dating in 2011, and she ended up starring in two of his films: Life After Beth (2014) and The Little Hours (2013). (2017).

Aubrey Plaza Marries Longtime Love Jeff Baena My Darling ...

In reference to their next film Spin Me Round, Plaza stated, “So proud of my dear hubby @jeffbaena for creating up another film that takes us to italia to cause some more havoc.” A cute snapshot of the married pair was included in the article.

In a recent interview, Aubrey Plaza admitted that she and her longtime partner, Jeff Baena, had discreetly tied the knot.

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Actress Made The Announcement

The actress made the announcement in her usual subtle fashion on Friday, uploading an Instagram snapshot of herself and Baena to mark the start of filming on their new project. “So proud of my lovely husband @jeffbaena for dreaming up another film that takes us to italy to cause some more mischief,” she added.

Some of Plaza’s colleagues and coworkers, along with E! News, was taken aback by the usage of the word “husband,” despite the fact that Plaza’s representatives confirmed the news the pair are married.

In response to Plaza’s remark, Mary Steenburgen, who co-starred with her in Happiest Season, exclaimed, “Whoa!!!! Having just just registered the word “husband,” please accept my heartfelt congratulations and best wishes on your recent marriage.

As a couple, Plaza and Baena have been together since 2011, and they’ve also collaborated extensively throughout the years.

She has starred in two of his films: Life After Beth (2014) and The Little Hours (2017). Cinema Toast, an anthology series conceived by Baena and featuring Plaza’s directorial debut, is another project the two are working on together.

In 2019, Plaza told People magazine about her relationship with Baena “Personally, I feel like I can talk to someone more about the issues I’m facing because they are in the same field as me. Clearly, you can be there for one another and have some idea of the road we’re both travelling on because of this.”

I thought it was fantastic,” Plaza said. “Since we were quarantined during production, things got very hectic, and Jeff (who also created the show) did most of the heavy lifting. Basically, he came up with the plan.”

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Last Words

“Our house became this odd post-production studio and he’s downstairs on his Zooms or on his sessions and I’m upstairs editing, we’re just going back and forth,” she explained.

“Indeed, it embodied who we are to a tee. Instead of making sourdough bread, we were re-editing hours of archival film material and letting our imaginations run wild. To sum up, it was fantastic.”