Passengers Flee Following Security Scare at Cancun Airport

Passengers Flee Following Security Scare at Cancun Airport

No gunfire has been reported at Cancun Airport, according to police in Mexico, which has been confirmed by Ticker. Videos posted online show passengers fleeing terminal 3 in panic after hearing loud booms.

According to the federal government, the x-ray machine malfunctioned and caused the loud explosions. Authorities “are attempting to find the cause of the several versions surrounding Cancun’s airport, not detecting any traces of detonations or explosives,” the state’s police head tweeted.

Passengers Flee Following Security Scare at Cancun Airport

According to eyewitnesses, a panicked mob tried to leave the airport quickly, leading to some persons being crushed.

“at the Cancun airport waiting for a flight and just saw a herd of people racing and yelling at me,” tweeted one traveller. Hiding behind tables and chairs, people mumbled…”

The tweeter went on to say, “many appear to suspect someone had a gun… but security can’t confirm. The terminal has been evacuated, at least in part.

Initial reports from the area indicated “shots” had been fired in Terminal 3, but airport officials have now explained that the noise was likely generated by a technical glitch in the baggage claim area.

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Videos Posted Online Ahow Hundreds of Passengers Fleeing the Airport.

The throng reportedly stampeded as individuals tried to make their way to safety. There is no evidence to suggest there is a shooter at the airport. A machine explosion in the baggage area was suggested by Attorney General Oscar Montes de Oca.

“Here I am at the Cancun airport, waiting for a flight, when all of a sudden a mob of people starts racing and screaming in my direction.

People hiding under tables and in chairs. “The rumour mill has it that someone had a gun, but security is unable to corroborate this. The terminal has been at least substantially cleared out.”

Others on the flight shared their accounts of passengers running for cover, leaving their belongings and mobile devices behind, on social media. A Twitter user named @blainless reported that “everybody’s regaining their phones now” after many individuals, including themselves, had taken refuge without their mobile devices.

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Last Words

“We all got trampled hitting the ground and crawling on the floor but we’re good,” another passenger claimed. What one eyewitness reported “As if a bomb had gone off, people began running in our direction in panic. “Absolute anarchy. After ten or fifteen minutes, it calmed down.”