Why is Nancy Reagan Trending on Twitter

Why is Nancy Reagan Trending on Twitter

This past weekend, hundreds of tweets about Nancy Reagan went viral. You probably felt the same level of confusion that I did. Don’t worry though, because I’ve got an explanation of WTF going on here.

Kitty Kelley’s Biography of Nancy Reagan

Comedian and author Zach Heltzel ratio’d* a story on journalist Kitty Kelley’s biography of Nancy Reagan that he tweeted. Before marrying Ronald Reagan, the passage states, Nancy was “known in Hollywood for performing oral sex.”

Why is Nancy Reagan Trending on Twitter

History.com claims that “There was no mistaking who the underclass was in the Hollywood dictatorship [during Nancy’s era]: it was women.

Women were subjected to sexual advances, assaults, and assumptions of availability at every stage of the filmmaking process, from casting to production to private contacts with stars and studio bosses.”

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On Friday, I decided to take a break from Twitter for a few hours. When I logged into the app on Saturday, my timeline was flooded with terms I had no idea what they meant. A Throat Goat for Nancy Reagan?

Is Nancy the proud owner of a gawk gawk 3000? The story that former First Lady Nancy Reagan purportedly gave the greatest blowjob in Hollywood back in her acting days was one I had obviously missed, a classic Friday News Dump that produced jokes all weekend.

Allegedly. Colleagues who informed me quickly said that Abigail Shapiro, the sister of conservative podcaster Ben Shapiro and the influencer behind the multiple social media platforms under the moniker Classically Abby, was the impetus for the spread of this cursed information.

The Reagan family posed for a family portrait with Nancy costumed as the grandma from “Where’s Waldo?” standing in the middle, while Shapiro tweeted a picture of Madonna lounging on a bed with one nipple exposed.

“At 63, Madonna looks like this. As you can see, Nancy Reagan has reached the ripe old age of 64. Wasteful lifestyles against elegant ones. How would you like to see yourself in the future?

She caused quite a stir at the White House, especially in her husband’s first year as president. According to the polls, her approval rating was lower than any other first lady in recent memory.

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Last Words

There was nothing she did that didn’t attract attention and condemnation. Her husband’s popularity even swayed his detractors to avoid attacking him. In the beginning of the book I say something along the lines of “If he was termed the Teflon president, she may have been the Velcro first lady.”

She was a flawed human being with inner turmoil. The book provides detailed accounts of these events, but I believe her influence in the Reagan White House was also underappreciated at the time.

More about Twitter than about Nancy Reagan may be gleaned from the fact that the social media platform has become nearly puritanical in response to claims about events that occurred more than seven decades ago.