Everybody Makes Such a Big Deal Tony-Nominated Jesse Williams

Everybody Makes Such a Big Deal Tony-Nominated Jesse Williams

The fact that former “Grey’s Anatomy” star Jesse Williams bares everything in the Tony Award-nominated Broadway play “Take Me Out” has generated a great deal of buzz.

Williams, 40, and his “Take Me Out” co-star Jesse Tyler Ferguson made an appearance on “Watch What Happens Live” on Monday, during which Williams talked about performing nude sequences live on stage.

Everybody Makes Such a Big Deal Tony-Nominated Jesse Williams

A Fan Questioned Williams

A fan questioned Williams during a Q&A if he was scared about his “Grey’s” co-stars Ellen Pompeo and Debbie Allen seeing his naked face.

He continued, “I didn’t know Ellen or Debbie were coming, and I’ve learned in my first few weeks with production that I don’t want to know,” so he wasn’t worried about them seeing him.

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Pompeo said on her “Tell Me” podcast in April that she was “not really wanting to find out” what Williams looked like without clothes on, but that she still wanted to be supportive of him.

Pompeo stated, “I remember talking to Debbie, and she said, “As the situation unfolded, I found myself asking, “Now what?” The question is, how do we get to the performance? We don’t want to sit up close if he’s going to be naked on stage, but you want decent seats.”

Williams stars as Darren Lemming, a gay baseball pitcher who is dealing with the fallout of coming out in the new production of Richard Greenberg’s “Take Me Out.”

Williams’s 13-Year Marriage to Aryn Drake-Lee Ended in Divorce,

and the subsequent custody battle over their two children was widely reported in the media because of Williams’s celebrity status. Williams is no stranger to “leaks” like this, and not just in the dating world; for example, images of him in the buff from his Tony-nominated performance in the Broadway play “Take Me Out” surfaced online. .

In a 2022 interview on “Watch What Happens Live,” Williams noted, “Everybody makes such a big deal” about the incident. “A human corpse, to be precise. What it is is obviously nothing once you see it. My job is to make it seem like a minor issue.”

Fans are curious in Williams, age 40, because his romantic life is of interest to them. Anyone who has seen Williams perform knows he is a major player.

Some of the actor’s relationships have been kept private, while others have received extensive media coverage. This article lists every girl the California native has ever dated, from Minka Kelly through Taylour Paige.

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Last Words

Cohen said that things would be simpler if “Williams was asked if he thought women who exercised regularly and took care of their bodies would “feel good” about themselves. There is no way for me to know because I don’t.”

When the crowd expressed shock, Williams assured them he was joking and expressed gratitude for their “such sweetness” at his moment of weakness.

A member of the crowd, Williams, filmed a nude scene from the Broadway musical and then posted it online.