How Does it Feel to Live My Dream

How Does it Feel to Live My Dream
How Does it Feel to Live My Dream

A video of TikToker Lexi Grasty responding to a clip of a woman promoting her Hooters getup by yelling, “how does it feel to realise my dream?” and screaming loudly in her automobile went viral, hence the title.

In October 2022, after being reuploaded by another user, the video’s audio gained popularity and became an Original Sound. It’s a common way to vent frustration when someone else is living the good life while you’re stuck in a rut.


TikToker @lexiiivlogs_ disproved the stereotype that Hooters waitresses all have low self-esteem in a June 23rd, 2022 video titled “Stitching TikToker @kathrynhammett’s video” (shown below).

Grasty can be heard screaming in her car, “how does it feel to live my dream?! “, hinting that working at Hooters is her ultimate goal. Over the course of four months, the video received over 1.1 million views.

How Does it Feel to Live My Dream

I’ve settled into a wonderful shared apartment in the National Capital Region of the Philippines, where I work two jobs and never go hungry. I also frequently send a percentage of my income to my parents, who live far away.

My overhead costs require that I work even while most others are napping. Sundays and holidays are when I get to work at my second job. The only times I get to truly relax are during sleep and when I visit my folks for extended weekends.

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Whence Comes This Fad, Exactly?

On October 2, lulushootsifer uploaded the video that would later go viral. With the words “pov: you have a brother that doesn’t disclose you secrets” superimposed over the video, a lady mimics the words as they play.

Many of the noises are credited to lulushootsifer or simply “TikTok user,” but a different user recently come forward claiming the music is hers and she hasn’t been receiving credit for it.

Users like Lexy Grasty, who said in a video, “I don’t know how else to put this but I’m sort of unhappy,” struggle to find the right words. She then displays a still from the internet sensation and says, “If you don’t know me… that is me.”

She goes on to explain, “I don’t mind if people are using my sound,” adding that she finds it “hilarious” when other people use her sounds. That’s not you in that video, and I don’t appreciate how people are acting like it is.

Then Ms. Grasty goes to lulushootsifer’s page and claims to have used several of her clips. Multiple times, she requested for credit and you refused. They stole my video without giving me any credit, so please stop.

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Last Words

That’s the deal if you want to achieve your goals, though. You need the ability to push and improve yourself. You need to make the most of your time by being productive as much as possible, pausing only for brief periods of rest.