Golden Retriever And Siberian Husky ‘Accidentally’ Had a Puppy

Golden Retriever And Siberian Husky ‘Accidentally’ Had a Puppy

It’s not always the case that the results of an accident are negative. It’s possible to find happiness even in your blunders. A dog owner experienced a little bit of luck with her Siberian husky and golden retriever.

When we’re not around, our pets may be up to all sorts of mischief. When they get into trouble, there’s often no way to undo the damage. Cori Baker, a dog owner, made her TikTok debut with some major news. She posted footage of a “accident” involving her two dogs as her debut video.

Golden Retriever And Siberian Husky ‘Accidentally’ Had a Puppy

Adorable Puppy

Yes, please, make that an adorable puppy instead of a “Whoopsie” Baby. Cori Baker’s charming Tikok video has lately gone viral with over 18 million views for a very unusual and intriguing reason.

Baker, the proud owner of two pristine canine specimens (a Golden Retriever and a Siberian husky), posted a Tik Tok in which she revealed that her dogs had been up to more than simply napping while she was in the office.

She begins by aiming the camera at her two dogs, a husky and a golden retriever, who are sitting on the floor and staring up at her with their best dog smiles.

While the cuteness of any of these dogs would be enough to make a video popular online, it was their ability to work together to cause mayhem that really propelled them to Internet stardom.

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The Discovery of a Previously Unknown Breed is Always Exciting.

There is a high demand for purebred canines overall, but particularly for Golden retrievers and Siberian huskies. Many people around the world keep these animals as pets.

But what you get when you cross these two types of dogs is not at all predictable. The dog owner’s video response to this question was posted on TikTok.

And the answer is you get a Goberian – a beautiful brown, white and black fluff ball that is one of the loveliest things you’ve ever seen.

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The Cute Puppy Video Went Viral, Amassing Over 5 Million Views.

More than 47,800 people raced to the comments area to give their opinions on the animal.

One person, User7768019260873, wrote: “She got the golden retriever body and husky fur. Nice.”

That’s the cutest accident, said Joni A., another internet user. The Oreo retriever,” Shea said jokingly.

In the words of Sunset, “It really ought to be dubbed a golden husky.”

To which Sheri exclaimed, “Absolutely not an accident!” with a heart-eyed emoji and the word “miracle.”

Nina revealed: “My jaw dropped it’s so cute ahh.”

Animalso claims that this hybrid is a relatively recent species that has emerged in the last decade or so under the name “the Goberian.”

According to the same site, dogs of this breed typically look like huskies yet have the rounded head of a retriever.

Goberian’s are considered quick learners, taking traits for their parent’s breeds. Furthermore, contrary to common assumption, this breed does not shed excessively.