Does Maria Die in West Side Story

Does Maria Die in West Side Story

It’s not in the cards for Tony and Maria to have a future together, and if you’ve read Romeo and Juliet, you probably already know how this story ends. For revenge on the Jets, Anita sends Tony a fake message alleging that Maria was murdered.

Anguished Tony orders Chino to take his life as well, and Chino complies. Pass out the Kleenex, and try to contain your tears before they flood the lobby.

Similar to how Romeo and Juliet ends, with Juliet pretending to die and Romeo taking his own life because he doesn’t grasp the message. When Juliet finally comes to, she finds him dead, and she dies with him this time. However, Maria pulls through.

Does Maria Die in West Side Story

Is Riff Killed Off at the End of West Side Story?

To put it simply, yeah. When Bernardo, the head of the Sharks, stabs Riff, the leader of the Jets and Tony’s best friend, it sets off the events of West Side Story. Riff was stabbed to death by Bernardo, the leader of the Sharks, Maria’s older brother and Anita’s boyfriend.

After a fight breaks out between the Jets and the Sharks, Riff dies in the middle of a musical. Riff purchases a gun before the battle with the intention of using it to kill Bernardo.

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Once he drops the gun, however, both Riff and Bernardo reach for switchblades, and Bernardo eventually stabs Riff to death in the chest. In both the 1961 film adaptation of West Side Story and the original Broadway production, Riff dies.

Mercutio, Romeo’s best friend and the victim of a sword duel with Juliet’s cousin Tybalt, serves as the inspiration for Riff.

Tony, inconsolable after being told falsely that Maria has been murdered by Chino, walks the streets, calling out for Chino to kill him as well. When he spots her across the playground, walking over to meet him, he realises she is still alive. He forgets his anguish and races to her, but as they approach, Chino appears at the same time, shooting and murdering Tony.

Within Maria’s Embrace, Tony Passes Away.

Maria, now a widow, blames everyone who died on the mutual hatred between the Sharks and the Jets. The Jets and the Sharks put their differences aside, if only temporarily, to remove Tony’s body from the building. The police are taking Chino away in a car.

You’ll be moved to tears and smiles by the passion and love displayed in West Side Story, a musical drama. Like the sad story of Romeo and Juliet, Maria and Tony’s story ends tragically. Maria’s life will be irreparably changed by the gang war between the Sharks and the Jets. See how it destroyed Maria’s life and happiness.

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Last Words

She could have followed Tony’s lead and taken her own life, but instead she threatens the members of the opposing gangs with the gun and begs them to end their fight.

Her brother and her girlfriend were both killed in the pointless fighting between the two gangs, and she would rather not make the same mistake twice. Maria, in her misery, is still alive in the film’s final shots.