Why Are Chinese Restaurants Closed On Mondays

Why Are Chinese Restaurants Closed On Mondays

The question “Why do Chinese restaurants close on Mondays?” may have crossed your mind if you’ve ever had a Monday night yearning for chicken fried rice or pork buns and found that your favorite Chinese restaurant was closed.

In this piece, I’ll explain why it’s so common for Chinese eateries to be closed on Mondays. Finally, it is up to you, as the business owner, to decide which days and hours your establishment will be open.

Why Are Chinese Restaurants Closed On Mondays

Uneconomical For Many Businesses

But it’s not fun when your favorite eatery is closed when you have a yearning for its food. You may feel differently about the possible closure of Chinese eateries after learning the reasons behind the decision.

Due to Monday being the slowest dining day of the week, many Chinese eateries are closed. Spend less It would be uneconomical for many businesses to remain open on Mondays due to the high cost of salaries.

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There Are Fewer Dining Options On Mondays

They won’t lose too much revenue, and they might even make a profit by shutting down. Many eateries choose to remain open on weekends because that’s when they see the most customers.

It makes financial sense for a restaurant to close on a given day if it would lose money by staying open and paying its staff.

It’s Monday, we’re out of food, today’s a day off, we have to cook, we have family time and we have to clean the house thoroughly. There are fewer dining options on Mondays because many businesses, not just Chinese ones, are closed.

Because Friday, Saturday, and Sunday are peak business days for eateries, this is the case. Since most companies provide two days off each week, they should be given at least one.

Usually Family Owned And Staffed Companies

Chinese restaurants may be more likely than others to close on Mondays because they (particularly. the smaller ones) are usually family owned and staffed companies – the owner is also the management and the family is the cook and waiters.

There is only one “shift”. There is no way that someone can put in 10 hour days, seven days a week. Unlike other working individuals, they require less vacation days each week.

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Rotational Managers And Personnel.

Larger enterprises and chain restaurants are likely to have rotational managers and personnel, so they would not have to have everyone working 7 days weekly to remain open 7 days a week.

They Cannot Obtain Fresh Fruit Delivered On Sundays.

Factors that make Mondays a bad day to eat at Chinese restaurants Users on Chowhound have theorised that Chinese (and other) restaurants being closed on Mondays may also be owing to the fact that they cannot obtain fresh fruit delivered on Sundays.

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The Quality Would Suffer From Lack Of Chef Monitoring.

The ingredients in Chinese restaurants that are open on Mondays are likely to be at least two days old, which might negatively affect the quality of the food. In fact, it’s typically a good idea to avoid ordering easily-spoiled products, such as seafood, at any restaurant on a Monday due to Sunday delivery concerns.

One Yahoo! Answers user suggested that the fact that some Chinese restaurants remain open on Mondays despite giving the chef the night off is even another reason to eat at home (or choose a cuisine other than Chinese) on that day.

The user predicted that Monday’s meals would be produced by unsupervised kitchen personnel, and the quality would suffer from lack of chef monitoring.

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A Quora user whose family owns such a restaurant mentioned that Mondays are normally a restaurant manager’s day off, which can impair the quality of service, although the source may be a bit doubtful considering it was provided by “anonymous.”