Tiktok of a Dad Dancing With His Family’s 23-Year-Old Nanny

Tiktok of a Dad Dancing With His Family's 23-Year-Old Nanny

Concern has been expressed over a viral TikTok video depicting a father and his family’s nanny, both of whom are 23 years old, reenacting a moment from Dirty Dancing.

The mother of the children she watches caught nanny Lizzie Norton dancing with the children’s father, Andrew. They were making an attempt to recreate the iconic sequence from the 1987 film that takes place in a lift.

Tiktok of a Dad Dancing With His Family's 23-Year-Old Nanny

The Aug. 3 TikTok video shows Norton and Andrew desperately trying to help each other but ultimately failing. Andrew’s wife, Rachel, may be heard chuckling in the background. Rachel replies, “You thumbed her boobs,” and Norton exclaims, “Oh my god, I’ve never done that before.”

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Video Earned Over 8.6 Million Views

The video earned over 8.6 million views on Rachel’s TikTok account, which has over 110,000 followers and covers life with her husband, two children, and nanny.

There are several accusations made in the video’s comments section that Andrew may be “grooming” Norton because of their age gap and the power balance between them.

Rachel’s TikTok account, where she talks about her husband, two kids, and the nanny under the handle @raypo3, is where the video first became viral. Her “Dirty Dancing” video has been seen by 7.2 million people, and she has roughly 95,000 subscribers.

The TikTok video has been seen over 5 million times after being shared by an account named “The Best Loved Nanny,” which provides tips and topics for debate for those interested in becoming babysitters.

The creator of “The Best Loved Nanny,” Michele Garza, responded to the clip with a second video in which she stressed the need of nannies “modelling good conduct” with their employers.

“Nothing seems to have gone wrong with the video, in my opinion. As for me, I feel that the lines are starting to blur “the blogger claims to have seen in the post.

Husband Andrew is seen in the video tape cuddling with their nanny, Lizzie Norton, who he is seen hoisting up by the waist. They switch partners and start laughing as Lizzie tries to do a Dirty Dancing-style lift on Andrew.

Off-screen, Rachel exclaims, “You touched her boobs!” to which Andrew sarcastically responds, “I know, I know.”

Rachel, 34, Defended The “Innocent” Behaviour, Saying That Lizzie is Like Family.

Then she said, “This is what happens… when dad returns home before the nanny departs.”

After film of a father dancing with his children’s babysitter, who is 23 years old, leaked online, the father’s “sultry dance” actions were called “grounds for divorce.”

There’s a video of a dad named Andrew getting hoisted up by the nanny on TikTok, and then he picks her up by the waist and they embrace.

Rachel, Andrew’s wife and the mother of their two young sons, posted a video of herself performing a Dirty Dancing-inspired performance with the comment “the nanny-dad content no one asked for.”

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Last Words

Rachel published a few images from her oldest son’s birthday party on Tuesday, August 10, 2021. Lizzie’s photos in her safari outfit also made the cut.

“Damn. I just spent an hour watching the most recent batch of 15 videos. It’s the tea, of course! Wow, look at those feedbacks! At this point, I can’t decide what to trust. Since I have a vested interest, “remarked @johnnyqqq on Twitter.