How An IVY League Turned Against A Student

How An IVY League Turned Against A Student

The New Yorker has written an article with astonishing details. I am appalled by the University’s behaviour, especially the prodding questions from Provost Beth Winkelstein. “After Winkelstein inquired about Mackenzie’s period in foster care, he went on to the topic of her college application essay.

Winkelstein commented, “You describe an experience.” “And in the end you blame your mom,” you say. When we look at your medical records, will we see that you’ve had fractured ribs and face injuries? Yes, Mackenzie replied. And you told the school administration about it?

How An IVY League Turned Against A Student

Icing on the cake.

The University’s argument seems to be that Mackenzie wasn’t hurt badly enough. The blood supply is inadequate. Too little abandonment. To think that her history can be wiped clean by a simple pony photo is absurd.

The fact that everything came apart when she was aiding the case of the widow of a man who died, allegedly due to the University’s incompetence, is the icing on the cake. Yikes.

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There are things I’m too embarrassed to discuss.

After Fendell inquired about Mackenzie’s bruises, she responded by saying something about how clumsy she was. Fendell advised her to put her thoughts on paper if she felt unable to discuss the incident that led to her injury.

Mackenzie wrote, “I don’t ever want to bring her any harm or anything,” in the journal. I really wish I could tell someone about it. Even to record everything here in this notebook. Because, if I’m being completely forthright, there are things I’m too embarrassed to discuss.

Somebody Shouted, ‘Call 911.’

At trial, Mackenzie claimed that her mother had pushed her down the stairs and that, once she had fallen, “my mom was on top of me and she started striking me in the face.” She doesn’t remember much between then and the next morning, when she woke up in her bedroom.

In an unexpected turn of events, her mother came to the door and said, “I’m taking your keys and I’m calling you in sick to school.” Mackenzie grabbed a spare key when she heard her mother depart.

She drove to school, but she has no recollection of doing so. After entering, she recalled hearing “a little bit of a disturbance, and ultimately, like, a bunch of administrators kind of rushed into the room, and somebody shouted, ‘Call 911.’ ”

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Final Words

Morrison’s attorney, Allison Schreiber Lee, had gotten a copy of a personal statement Mackenzie had written for a scholarship that was nearly identical to her college essay, and she questioned Mackenzie about discrepancies between the medical data and Mackenzie’s account of the events.

“It says, ‘your facial features are so bloated and distorted that I cannot tell them apart,'” she said.