How to Tell if Your Girlfriend is Faking

How to Tell if Your Girlfriend is Faking

The spectacular, Oscar-worthy performance you’re undoubtedly anticipating isn’t the only evidence she’s on her way; there are others.

Her cheeks and chest will flush, her muscles will spasm all over her body (even in her vagina), and she’ll close her eyes… the tension will leave her body, and she’ll unwind.

How to Tell if Your Girlfriend is Faking

However, Let’s be Really Forthright For a Minute:

Why does it matter if she’s only pretending? Give that some serious consideration. Is your main concern that you need to identify the onset of an orgasmic episode? Or, do you really care more about her sexual satisfaction?

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If your spouse is reluctant to have an orgasm, don’t force them. Forcing a boner (of any gender) to the finishing line is the surest way to ensure their demise. If you keep asking her, “Did you come?” every two seconds, and she finally mutters, “Yeah baby” to silence you, it probably wasn’t because she got off.

Your vaginal, sexy spouse probably need foreplay before engaging in sex unless you haven’t seen each other in a month and are so tense sexually that you might generate electricity by sticking forks in your bottoms.

Get it on! Put her in your stomach! Take advantage of the time you spent in the drugstore waiting area reading Cosmo magazine and finally try out that tip! The P in V sex should be seen as a component of sex, not the whole.

A social signal, moaning conveys displeasure. Fakeness can exist alongside genuine displays of emotion. An integral aspect of a satisfying sexual encounter is learning to use one another’s voices. As an alternative, it might be fabricated.

In the end, it all comes down to faith. Who do you spend the most time with, someone you can trust who makes an effort to be truthful or someone who lies frequently? Can you tell me more about the sex’s background? A sex worker will likely lie to pique your interest because she is expected to give you a good sexual service whether or not she is enjoying herself.

However, when removed from that setting, it boils down to personal qualities. A woman’s voice can be used to increase intimacy and pleasure without resorting to moaning.

You both reach your peak at the same time, so it makes sense that a woman’s orgasmic contractions would assist push her partner over the brink. If you tell her you’re almost done and she says she’s ready, too, something is probably off.

With the exception of when you intend to orgasm simultaneously and make the necessary effort to make it succeed, leading with her pleasure. With the use of an edging technique, you may achieve two happy endings at once.

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Last Words

When it comes to erogenous touch, your wife will have specific areas that she hopes you’ll focus on more than others.

Find the spots where the action is. As a result of how calm and energised she will feel, she won’t even notice when she peaks.