How Many People Did Matt Dillon Kill

How Many People Did Matt Dillon Kill

Between 138 men and 7 women and a total of 303 persons have appeared on CBS’s Gunsmoke over the course of the show’s 20-year run. The number is 407 if you count the ones that were capped by fictional U.S. Marshal Matt Dillon in the TV movies.

Perhaps just a few of the evil people were killed, while the rest were injured and eventually succumbed to their wounds. Marshall Trimble serves as vice president of the Wild West History Association and is the official state historian of Arizona.

How Many People Did Matt Dillon Kill

The Victim was Struck 56 Times

The History Press published his most recent work, Arizona Outlaws and Lawmen, in 2015. Ask the Marshall if you need help figuring something out. Based on what I’ve heard, Marshal Dillon was shot at least 56 times.

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A total of twenty-one bullet holes can be seen on my body: eight in my left arm, six in my left shoulder, four in my left side, one in my left leg; five in my right arm, five in my shoulder, six in my side, three in my chest, four in my leg; three grazes on my forehead, five on my back, and several creases.

The marshal was also poisoned once, stabbed three times, and knocked unconscious twenty-nine times.

The victim was struck 56 times: 18 times in the left arm, 6 times in the left shoulder, 4 times in the left side, 1 time in the left leg, 5 times in the right arm, 1 time in the right shoulder, 6 times in the right side, 3 times in the right chest, 4 times in the right leg, 3 times in the forehead, and 5 times in the back.

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It’s impossible to sustain such a large population. The cumulative effects of all the bullet wounds and the time he would have had to spend recovering would have been fatal.

Ben Cartwright’s buckskin-colored mount in Bonanza appears to have been the identical mount used by Marshal Matt Dillon in Gunsmoke.