Thirty Russian Helicopters Destroyed in Surprise Attack

Thirty Russian Helicopters Destroyed in Surprise Attack

Ukraine said its forces attacked a Russian airbase near the captured southern city of Kherson, destroying 30 helicopters. “The airstrip at Chornobaivka, located not far from Kherson, was shelled by Ukrainian forces at night.

The occupiers have stationed a sizable portion of their fleet in the area. As well as losing 30 helicopters and a lot of personnel and gear, the enemy also lost a lot of morale “According to a Facebook post by the Ukrainian Marine Command, as translated by the state-run Ukrainian news outlet Ukrinform.

Thirty Russian Helicopters Destroyed in Surprise Attack

Russia has not Commented on the Strike or Said Whether or Not it Suffered Helicopter or Infantry Losses.

According to Google’s translation, a sign posted at Marine Corps Headquarters in Hawaii reads, “The morning in Ukraine for Russian evil spirits does not start with coffee.”

There is no word on whether or not the attack resulted in casualties.

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According to prior Ukrainian claims, 30 Russian helicopters were shot down at an airbase in Kherson on March 7.

On March 2, Russia took control of the city of Kherson. When Russia launched its invasion of Ukraine on February 24, it quickly took control of this city, making it its first major target.

Last week, Russian military invaded Ukraine and conquered the significant city of Kherson, a critical port on the Black Sea.

Russian military have spread out throughout the south of Ukraine, surrounding the port city of Mariupol.

Separate attacks by Ukrainian soldiers on Russian forces near Mykolaiv in southern Ukraine were also described by Marine Command.

The statement claimed that Ukrainian forces had destroyed three enemy convoys on the outskirts of Mykolaiv today, seizing “trophies” included a substantial quantity of ammunition, wheeled equipment, and seven D-20 howitzers.

“We appreciate everyone who is currently protecting our homes and family in the areas of Kherson, Mykolaiv, and Odessa while other service members hold back the Russian invasion on other boundaries of the state’s defence. The outcome favours Ukraine 100 percent. All honour to Ukraine, “the story went on.

Military experts speculate that Russia is taken aback by the robust opposition being put up by the Ukrainians after 12 days of assault. Despite Russia’s overwhelming artillery advantage, a vast convoy attempting to advance on the Ukrainian capital of Kyiv has become stuck due to logistical difficulties and low morale.

Russian officials estimated last week that 500 servicemen had been killed in action since Russia invaded Ukraine, but Ukrainian officials claim the real number is much higher.

President Volodymyr Zelensky has called for Ukrainians to take the attack against Russian invaders, which has sparked the recent violence.

Ukrainian army! Chornobayivka airstrip, located near Kherson, was attacked and destroyed by enemy forces via the Dnieper River. Short-range whether destroys or forces down helicopters, along with crew and equipment.

Fifty Russian helicopters and five VKS helicopters were destroyed by a single aeroplane. There were 1,966 retweets. 12,470 Likes Seven aeroplanes and six Russian choppers were shot down.

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The Dutchman Stijn Mitzer was taken down by a combined force of Russian and Dutch helicopters numbering seven squadrons and thirty, and!

Marine Command posted on Facebook that Ukrainian troops had secured the Chornobayivka airstrip, which is located south of Kherson, despite being under heavy pressure from… The Ukrainian army besieged on the night of March 6–7.

confirmed the assault, and whether or not any helicopters or troops were lost A week later, on March 7, the troops… Three columns of and for Dan and Jakub Janovsky, the British high commissioner in Kyiv.

Dismantled, the Ukrainian News Agency says, and the British realised what they were up against.


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