17th-Century Bonfire Night Traditions Going Strong Throughout N.L. …

17th-Century Bonfire Night Traditions Going Strong Throughout N.L. ...

Throughout Newfoundland and Labrador, bonfires will be lit this Friday to commemorate the capture and subsequent execution of an Englishman named Guy Fawkes on November 5, 1605. Fawkes was implicated in an unsuccessful plot to blow up London’s House of Lords.

Attempts are being made to revive Guy Fawkes Night celebrations in the province, which may now be the only such event in all of Canada.

17th-Century Bonfire Night Traditions Going Strong Throughout N.L. ...

Newfoundlanders are having bonfires all across the island, but they no longer burn effigies of Guy Fawkes since the occasion has mostly become a social gathering rather than a reminder of its violent past or its political (pro-Monarchist) or religious (anti-Catholic) implications.

Portugal Cove-St. Philip’s is one of the locations this year that has implemented COVID-19 procedures. The town’s director of recreation and community services, Nicole Clark, has noted that in years past, attendees had enjoyed getting “as close as they could get” to the fire.

“The kids do some light running and playing with their friends. It’s just a very nice evening for folks to be outside,” she remarked.

The community has instituted new public health measures for this year, including pre-registration, bubble restrictions, and physical separation. Also, there won’t be any refreshments to be had.

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Who was Guy Fawkes

Newfoundlanders and Labradorians will light bonfires this Friday night to commemorate the day in 1605 when Englishman Guy Fawkes was caught and executed for his role in an unsuccessful plot to blow up the House of Lords in London.

The province may now be the only place in Canada where Guy Fawkes Night celebrations are held, thus there has been an upsurge in interest in reviving the tradition.


Many communities across the island are having bonfires, but unlike in the past, no Guy Fawkes effigies will be burned because of the violent history of the festival and its political (pro-monarchical) and religious (anti-Catholic) undertones.

moment, and it’s really just a community gathering. Restoring Cartwright’s Faith in the Past Labradorians place a premium on tradition.

This year, North West River is holding a competition to determine who can create the best Guy Fawkes effigy to burn at night.

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Cartwright, A Coastal Town, is Having a Bonfire After Many Years Without One.

Volunteer Wanda Cabot is an organiser because she was brought up with the custom.

Despite a decline in church attendance over the centuries, many of the traditions associated with the holiday remain mostly unchanged.

You may watch fireworks while warming yourself with a toffee apple or a hot snack at the public displays held in most cities and towns. Many schoolkids memorise this poem in anticipation of their big night out on “Bonfire Night.”