Chicago Fire Finale Recap Wedded Bliss And Danger Plus

Chicago Fire Finale Recap Wedded Bliss And Danger Plus

Those bells you hear? They belong to a wedding that took place in the Season 10 finale of Chicago Fire. But Severide and Stella’s wedding day wasn’t without its share of bumps, and their honeymoon may not be without its share of excitement either.

First Things First:

Severide is being called to testify against Campbell before a grand jury. Firefighter arrives up to testify and sees one of Campbell’s guys brandishing a knife. Severide and his opponent get into a battle, and during the ensuing scuffle, Severide kicks his opponent… out a window.

Chicago Fire Finale Recap Wedded Bliss And Danger Plus

Severide is understandably distraught at killing another human being, but everyone assures him that his actions were justified in self-defense. Campbell, who was seen on camera attacking a firefighter, has reportedly left Chicago, according to Severide. That must be good news, right? No, wait a minute…

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Casey and Brett have Returned to Town For a Wedding

While Casey and Brett have returned to town for a wedding, their pals Severide and Stella have returned to town for their wedding. The Best Man is sceptical that Severide will actually go through with the wedding.

Severide tells his acquaintance that having Stella in his life has made him a better person. Firehouse life, Severide says, hasn’t been the same without him, and it never will be again.

When the couple’s planned wedding location fell through at the last minute, it was Casey who came to the rescue by arranging for the ceremony to take place on a boat captained by a celebrant.

A video chat from Severide’s mother, who was planning to surprise her but whose plane was delayed, is another wonderful surprise she receives in the moments before the wedding. Now he’s convinced that at least one of the Severide men is about to tie the knot.

Stella, she informs Bowden, is the daughter who is the most like her dad, thus she is the one who will be making the big walk down the aisle. (Sniff!) The new couple then takes an oath of marriage.

Simply put, I believe in magic because of you. You pick me up even when I’m at my lowest. You’re always on my side, Stella says. Long ago, I resolved that if I were to be with you, I would do whatever it took to prove that I deserved to be in your company.

Severide exclaims, “That just felt improbable. You’ve shown to me that you understand me, and I’m grateful that you still care. Stella, I may not be right for you, but I’ll try my best for the rest of my life.

There are still battles being fought against Emma. Hawkins has finally buckled under the pressure, and he’s willing to take the fall for everyone else.

Meanwhile, Violet cautions Emma that the entire group of 51 will follow her if she tries to take over Violet’s role. Emma remembers her father saying in church, “It doesn’t matter if the guy next to you likes you or not. When nations are at war, even complete strangers quickly become allies.

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Last Words

Even though Emma has been beaten, there may be irreparable harm to Violet and Hawkins’ relationship as a result of the battle.

She initially disregards his call, but later opens up to Ritter about how she wishes he had taken action. Violet’s abrupt realisation that dating her employer was a mistake, along with the lingering gaze between her and Gallo, seems to be the most likely explanation.