Dem Senators Sound Alarm Over Reports Biden Administration Will …

Dem Senators Sound Alarm Over Reports Biden Administration Will ...

Concerned moderate Democratic senators have voiced their displeasure over rumours that the Biden administration may rescind the Title 42 public health order, which has been utilised at the border to swiftly remove migrants, causing many to worry that a massive migrant wave will hit this summer.

Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) told reporters on Thursday, “I think they should reconsider.” I wrote a letter expressing my opposition to the elimination of Title 42. Despite concerns of a massive influx of immigrants, the Biden administration is reportedly ending Title 42 border policy.

Dem Senators Sound Alarm Over Reports Biden Administration Will ...

A Permanent Solution To Title 42

A permanent solution to Title 42, he argued, was the best option. Perhaps that would motivate us to establish a sensible immigration policy that benefits all Americans and strengthens national security.

Wednesday, it was reported by multiple news outlets that the Biden administration plans to declare that it will stop Title 42 on May 23. This would give the Department of Homeland Security time to prepare for an anticipated increase in migrants at the border.

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Order To Deport A Large Number Of Asylum Seekers

Both the Trump and Biden administrations have used the order to deport a large number of asylum seekers at the border since it was first issued by the Trump administration in March 2020 in response to the COVID-19 epidemic. A little over half of the migrants were sent back in February because of the directive.

Fearing Political Retaliation, The Officials Only Signed Their Initials To The Letter.

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer and other prominent Democrats have urged an end to the programme, stating that it discourages asylum seekers. Ending the programme, however, has been warned to encourage more migrants to undertake the dangerous journey north and result in more migrants being allowed in by Republicans and border officers.

Saul Levin, the coordinator of the Congressional Progressive Staff Association’s Climate Working Group, gave The Lever a copy of the letter. Fearing political retaliation, the officials only signed their initials to the letter.

A second member of the Democratic staff in the House has confirmed that the letter is currently making its way across government offices in search of signatures.

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Final Words

There’s a fire in the house, and Manchin is responsible for setting fire to the stairwell. Levin told The Lever that “Democratic leaders are walking away.”

It’s impossible for us to. Our lives depend on it, therefore we have to check the fire exit, locate the fire extinguisher, and even rig up some makeshift barriers out of sheets if we have to.