What if Brian Laundrie is Never Found

What if Brian Laundrie is Never Found

For weeks, North Port police and the FBI have been combing the area for Brian Laundrie, the lover of murdered vlogger Gabby Petito. They have even enlisted his own father, Christopher Laundrie, in the search, hoping against hope that he will be discovered.

After Petito and Laundrie left on their cross-country journey in July, he returned home on September 1 without her in the vehicle they had shared. Right after he contacted a lawyer and flat out refused to help authorities find his missing girlfriend.

What if Brian Laundrie is Never Found

The last verified sighting of Laundrie was on September 17, after which she was reported missing after not been seen since September 14. Since then, authorities in Wyoming located Gabby’s remains in a park and concluded that her death was the result of foul play.

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FBI Agents have been Looking for Brian Laundrie

FBI agents have been looking for Brian Laundrie for almost three weeks with only a handful of tips from all over the country to show for it.

Mr. Laundrie vanished after going on a trip in the Carlton Reserve in the North Port area of Florida two days after his girlfriend Gabby Petito went missing. They had been on a cross-country road trip together, but when he got back, she hadn’t checked in for days, and her family started to worry.

The Carlton Reserve has been searched practically every day since then, but no signs of Mr. Laundrie’s whereabouts have been discovered.

Authorities, Mr. Laundrie’s loved ones and attorney, and the Petitos all hold out hope that he is still alive. However, what will happen if he is never located?

At some time, he’ll make a mistake. For murder, there is no time limit. At any level. It could get cold, but if they get him, that’s it. Gabby’s “let it go” tattoo is driving me crazy, though.

I pray that she is assisting us from beyond, rather than continuing bearing her pain in secret because she has forgiven him and wants him to be set free.

She seems like the type of lady who would forgive anyone, so I have no doubt that she has already forgiven him. Super-nice, even when it costs her. Angel, rest in peace. As a nation, we just must not let this matter drop.

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Last Words

Prior to the issuance of the warrant for Mr. Laundrie’s arrest, the Laundrie parents had every right to provide any assistance they saw fit for their son.

The Laundries could be prosecuted for aiding a fugitive if it becomes out that they provided assistance to their son after a warrant had been issued.

If they haven’t, though, there aren’t any obvious grounds for filing criminal charges against the parents. Many people have speculated that if Mr. Laundrie cannot be discovered and murder charges are filed against him, he may be tried for her death in his absence.

Those who abscond from a trial in the United States can be prosecuted and convicted without ever having to physically appear in court thanks to Rule 43 of the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure.

On Thursday, a police official told CNN that before Brian Laundrie disappeared, authorities were keeping an eye on him “as well as they could legally.”