We’re Updating Sea Of Thieves. it Should Be Ready To Use Again Shortly.

We’re Updating Sea Of Thieves. it Should Be Ready To Use Again Shortly.

One of Microsoft’s newest releases, Sea of Thieves is playable on the Xbox One and Windows 10 PC. Because there is no single-player mode, the game focuses entirely on multiplayer.

You may also get this game by subscribing to the service Game Pass for just $10 a month and playing hundreds of games till you inevitably die. Every Xbox enthusiast should take advantage of this offer since it’s fantastic.

We’re Updating Sea Of Thieves. it Should Be Ready To Use Again Shortly.

Microsoft puts a lot of effort into Sea of Thieves, but the game is far from perfect. It has recently come to the attention of some players that they can’t get the latest patch for the game via the Microsoft Store.

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On Windows 10, Sea of Thieves will not update.

After restarting your computer, clearing the Microsoft Store cache and running the Windows Store Apps Troubleshooter, please reinstall the game.

If you’re having trouble storing videos or accessing the Game bar in Windows 10, you may have an out-of-date Xbox app or a messed-up folder in Windows Explorer on your hands.

We recommend relocating your video files to a different directory on your PC to address your issue. When a video is saved from now on, it will be transferred to the new folder automatically.

If the problem remains after that, try resetting Windows Store to start fresh. Then, manually update the Xbox App by following the steps below:

For a Fresh Start With Windows Retail:

  • To open a new window, hit Windows Key + X.
  • Go to the DOS prompt by clicking on it (Admin).
  • To reset your Windows system, enter wsreset.exe and press Enter.

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