Man Attacks Woman At Gardena Gas Station

Man Attacks Woman At Gardena Gas Station

On May 29, Rainey allegedly pulled over at the intersection of Rosecrans Avenue and Avalon Boulevard in unincorporated West Rancho Dominguez, got out of his car, opened her door, and hit the driver multiple times, as stated by the District Attorney’s office.

The following day in West Rancho Dominguez, Rainey allegedly went up to a woman at a gas pump and punched her, sending her to the ground. He repeatedly punched her in the head and face and kicked her in the back, according to the allegations.

Man Attacks Woman At Gardena Gas Station

The Sheriff’s Department of Los Angeles County is still Looking into the Incident.

The Long Beach Police Department announced the arrest of a suspect hours after releasing video of a random attack on a lady pumping gas at a Gardena service station last weekend.

The assault occurred at the Gardena Sinclair gas station on Sunday evening shortly after 7 o’clock. A man drove into the lot and parked immediately in front of a woman who had just started filling up her gas tank.

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They allege the man got out of his car coolly, strolled up to the victim, and hit her without provocation or warning in Los Angeles County. Authorities say that while she was on the ground, the man hit her multiple times in the head and face, seized her hair, and slammed her head repeatedly into the car and the ground.

Without breaking stride, he strolled back to his SUV, climbed inside, and drove off after the assault. The gas station staff claimed the man was a regular customer who came in every day to buy coffee and cigarettes.

Antoine Larue Rainey, 37, was charged with two counts of aggravated assault for allegedly using force that could cause serious physical harm. After Rainey’s counsel voiced concerns about his client’s mental competence, the prosecution immediately suspended the case.

The Compton court sent the matter to the Hollywood Mental Health Court. The next status meeting will take place in Compton on July 6th.

Rainey was taken into custody on a Friday after his mother turned him in after seeing TV coverage of the attack.

Los Angeles County District Attorney George Gascón has stated, “These types of unprovoked attacks are exceptionally reprehensible and will not be condoned.”

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Last Words

The perpetrator is thought to be a Black man, aged 30–35, standing between 6 and 6 feet 5 inches tall and weighing 300–350 pounds. Before he disappeared, he was only wearing dark shorts and sneakers and no shirt.

The Ford Expedition he was driving was an older model and was painted a matte black with black wheels. Those who saw the attack or who recognise the suspect are urged to contact Detective K. Mclnnis at 323-568-4800.