Search For Missing Codi Bigsby Transitions to Investigative Phase …

Search For Missing Codi Bigsby Transitions to Investigative Phase ...

Codi Bigsby, age 4, has been missing for a week, and a massive search has concluded without success. The disappearance of the youngster in Hampton has been the primary focus of the police force.

In order to find the missing youngster Codi, police are “meticulously looking through vast amounts of evidence” instead of sending out large teams to do grid searches.

Search For Missing Codi Bigsby Transitions to Investigative Phase ...

Sgt. R.C. Williams wrote in an email on Friday that, based on the findings of the inquiry, the search operations going forward would be more targeted and intelligence-driven.

This week, activists and community members in Hampton urged for increased police openness and engagement, which led to the change.

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Codi Said He was Missing.

According to the Hampton Police Division, Cory Bigsby reported his missing 4-year-old son, Codi, from their Buckroe Point condominium on Ranalet Drive at around 9 a.m. on January 31.

Court documents obtained by 10 On Your Side’s investigation team state that he told investigators he found Codi missing when he woke up about 7 a.m.

According to Cory Bigsby, who spoke to police, he last saw Codi at 2 a.m. He reported finding the 4-year-old sound asleep in all black with Spider-Man flip-flops.

When Codi went missing, the authorities launched a huge search operation, with the FBI lending a hand. On January 31, the Houston Police Department (HPD) established a command post at the Ranalet Drive townhome complex, and 10 On Your Side reporters saw investigators examining the area for clues.

In the midst of the ongoing hunt for missing 4-year-old Codi Bigsby from Hampton, Virginia, Police Chief Mark Talbot said on Monday that his department botched the investigation by ignoring the father’s request for legal assistance.

Codi went missing two weeks ago. In spite of the fact that Cory had a lawyer (his sister had hired one for him), the Commonwealth Attorney’s office has intervened. Why wasn’t the attorney allowed to see his client? Why do you even care, though, I can’t fathom. His own attorney confirmed it.

This came directly from the Chief. Codi’s aunt has also spoken out against the cops in Hampton. Finally, the local government stepped in. Why? Because Aunt Viv spoke up! I just don’t know how this family is coping with Codi’s absence. The mother is in custody, and I am aware that the police have her.

Numerous children have gone missing in this state, and each time the state has made the same mistake. It’s time for a new Town Mayor and a new administration. New detectives and their crew are in charge now. Hmmm…

Always, they’d promise, “we’ll make that this never happens again”! Even after 8 years, this has not stopped. The department’s workforce has been a source of trouble. What part of that are you not understanding?

In short, I’m not happy with the results of this probe. Please pick up Cody and take him home. A bunch of us are keeping you in our thoughts, kid.

Slabinski reported an expense total of about $4,000 for things like food, equipment, transportation, and tolls. He reported that more than $2,400 had been given by anonymous donors.

Former Bigsby attorney Jeffrey Ambrose recused himself from the case on April 14 citing “an ethical conflict.”

Shortly after, he was replaced by Amina Matheny-Willard, a lawyer based in Norfolk.

Last month, Bigsby’s bond request was dismissed by the judge. On February 3, three days after Bigsby reported Codi missing, police made an arrest.

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Last Words

Call the police at 757-727-6111 or the Crime Line at 1-888-LOCK-U-UP if you or anyone you know has information that could aid the investigation. You can use to send in a secret tip without revealing your identity.