Loretta Lynch There Will Be Blood in The Streets

Loretta Lynch There Will Be Blood in The Streets

Right-wing media outlets expressed shock and outrage after the shooting of Republican baseball players by a homeless supporter of Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.). Alex Jones’s conspiracy website Infowars has claimed that prominent Democrats are behind this assault.

Loretta Lynch There Will Be Blood in The Streets

The article claimed that Democratic vice presidential nominee Tim Kaine and former Obama administration attorney general Loretta Lynch were among “a stunning collection of calls to violence and murder from the intolerant, unhinged leftists in the Democrat party, mainstream media, Hollywood, and the spider web of interwoven organisations and cabals like Antifa and Black Lives Matter who have effectively transformed into domestic terrorists in Trump’s America.”

Loretta Lynch There Will Be Blood in The Streets

U.S. Senate Democrats’ Facebook page featured a video in which Loretta Lynch appeared to encourage the Trump Resistance movement to follow in the footsteps of previous movements by “marching, bleeding, and dying.”

Their caption read, “If you need to hear some words of inspiration tonight, take a moment for our friend, former Attorney General, Loretta E. Lynch:”

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I must also thank my lovely spouse, who has supported all of my decisions and goals. His love and support are more valuable to me than anything else in the world.

My thanks also go out to everyone I’ve worked with and became friends with over my time here at the department, in the Eastern District of New York, and beyond.

The tens of thousands of people, many of whom I have never met, who have shown their support throughout this process also deserve my deepest gratitude.

Please know how much it meant to me when folks along the way—in my sorority, in other Greek organizations, in churches, in classrooms, and even on the street—stopped to say a few words of encouragement.

I appreciate everything, and I’m excited to be rejoining the fantastic team at the Department of Justice. Once previously from the Eastern District of New York, and again today, I have the honour of standing beside you.

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Last Words

She continued: “To be fair, adapting to new circumstances is challenging, and policing in the United States is undergoing significant transformation. Nonetheless, I continue to think our efforts have been productive.”


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