Peruvian Leftist Castillo Inches Ahead in Tight Presidential Vote

Peruvian Leftist Castillo Inches Ahead in Tight Presidential Vote

A leftist candidate, Castillo, narrowly leads in Peru’s presidential election.

In the final tally of votes released Monday, socialist candidate Pedro Castillo had surpassed his conservative opponent Keiko Fujimori in rural areas.

A Lot of Racial Tensions Remain, However.

Over 94% of the votes were counted, giving Castillo 50.1% and Fujimori 49.9%. The close outcome may cause anxious waiting for days.

TV stations in Peru aired footage of a brawl between supporters of the two candidates on Sunday night in the capital city of Lima. There were three presidents in one week last year, and the two candidates had drastically different ideas for the country.

Peruvian Leftist Castillo Inches Ahead in Tight Presidential Vote

Copper producers and local markets dropped sharply on Monday as Castillo gained ground in the race because of his promises to change the constitution and mining laws of the Andean nation.

Since the outcome is so close, there may be days of anxiety and speculation. The results of the poll highlighted the disparity between urban Lima and the country’s rural backwaters that has helped push Castillo to unexpected political prominence.

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Next Few Days Would be Highly Tens

A Peruvian researcher living in Chile named Lucia Dammert anticipated that the next few days would be highly tense, with protests in the streets and challenges to the results.

“Right now, all we ask for is democracy. After some nocturnal fighting in Lima, voter Lili Rocha stated, “I hope that whichever wins, the other accepts it and doesn’t cause any trouble.”

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Peru’s leftist presidential candidate Pedro Castillo, who appeared to be on the verge of victory in Monday’s nail-biting election, spelled out his economic policies in an obvious attempt to soothe jittery financial markets.

Castillo was leading his opponent, Keiko Fujimori, by 93,000 votes out of a total electorate of 24.3 million with 96% of the vote counted. At one point on Monday, Fujimori had a lead of nearly 100,000 votes.

Although votes from Peruvians living abroad are likely to favour Fujimori, it appears that they will not be enough to tilt the balance back in her direction. Many of the remaining tallies were due to come in from rural areas, where Castillo is stronger.

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Last Words

Some of Fujimori’s backers in Lima have been conceding loss behind closed doors, but she held a press conference on Monday when she accused her opponent of electoral fraud, signalling she would be ready to fight if Castillo’s victory is verified.

Traders dumped dollars for sols, sending the latter down by almost 2 percent to a record low of 3.93 to the greenback. This comes after the sol had fallen substantially in previous weeks as investors braced for a likely Castillo triumph.