Cassie Randolph Says She Has Deja Vu Watching Clayton …

Cassie Randolph Says She Has Deja Vu Watching Clayton ...

Clayton’s leading man revealed that Susie Evans dropped out of the game after he told her about his sexual encounters with the two remaining contestants, Rachel Recchia and Gabby Windey, in the first portion of the finale that aired on Monday.

Susie, who is 28, told Clayton, who is also 28, that she probably couldn’t “get past” his decision, so he took her words as if she had dropped a “bombshell” on him.

Clayton still Preferred Spending Time With Susie, Who was Now Out of the Running, to Rachel, 26, And Gabby, 31.

According to Cassie, 26, “I definitely was getting déjà vu watching this for sure” during the live portion of Monday’s finale. “Of course, I am aware that every circumstance is unique.

The fact that Susie left at all suggests that, despite the difficulty, she was determined to follow her gut and trust her instincts in that situation.”

Cassie Randolph Says She Has Deja Vu Watching Clayton ...

I think that’s something they’d all want to hear, but especially Gabby when he was trying to get her to doubt her intuition, the ex-Bachelor remarked. You’re seeing a guy who is focused on finding love for himself and not finding love with someone else.

Listen, I think Clayton might have the best intentions, but I think he never took the time to consider the position of power that he’s in as the Bachelor, and I think he never took the time to empathise with these women and what it would be like to be in their shoes.

And I simply believe it would have helped a lot if he’d been more compassionate and tried to put himself in their position.

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In the premiere of Monday’s programme, football player Clayton (aged 28) revealed to finalists Rachel Recchia and Gabby Windey that Susie Evans had left after telling him that his past sexual history with the other contestants was a deal breaker.

Clayton convinced Rachel and Gabby to remain following intense conversations with the two women, although not everyone approved of the means by which he accomplished this.

Truthfully, I don’t think he’s doing a great job of dealing with this. Clare Crawley told Jesse Palmer, “Not right at all.” It’s a little bit difficult to watch. Being on our side of it is difficult. That’s an experience that’s shared by everyone here. Yet even just looking at it hurts so badly.

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Last Words

Nick Viall elaborated that Clayton “left out the most essential part” when he told Rachel and Gabby about his feelings for Susie, saying that Clayton had previously told Susie that she was his “most favourite.”