The Things I Do For Love Courage

The Things I Do For Love Courage

Anyone who saw Courage the Cowardly Dog will recognise this joke. Every time this unfortunate dog saves the life of his loved ones, he ends up saying, “the things I do for love.” That’s why it’s one of my family’s favourite cartoons.

I Wanted To Surprise My Family This Holiday Season

It’s hard to match Courage’s bravery, but I felt the same way about my winter break home from college. Going from Waterford to Dublin, then taking a six-hour flight from Boston to NYC, and then taking a one-hour train ride from NYC to New Jersey..

The Things I Do For Love Courage

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It’s true that I’m to blame because I was trying to save money by flying to Boston instead of Washington (I should have factored in the opportunity cost). Because I wanted to surprise my family this holiday season, I decided to fly home.

At first, I was certain that I would remain in Ireland for the vacation in order to do some exploring. As a part of the tradition, I was reluctant to leave my family for the holidays for the first time in my life. “Why aren’t you coming home? We miss you!”. ‘Mad’ mom urged the other part of me to come home.

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Final Words

The way she reacted was unique. While we were at the mall last week with my family, she threatened to take down the Christmas decorations she had set up because it wouldn’t seem like Christmas without me there to enjoy them with.

However, I was able to understand what she was saying and I, too, felt that way.


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