Jake Pauls Boxing Spectacle Rolls On With Tyron Woodley Rematch

Jake Pauls Boxing Spectacle Rolls On With Tyron Woodley Rematch

A deliberate spectacle was Jake Paul’s early boxing career. It doesn’t matter if he’s good or not; Paul, the social media influencer turned warrior, has methodically crafted a path for himself to garner mass interest and attention. his.

His four-match winning streak in boxing includes victories over a fellow YouTuber, a retired NBA player, as well as two former mixed martial artists. Paul, 24, is currently undefeated in the sport.

Jake Pauls Boxing Spectacle Rolls On With Tyron Woodley Rematch

Paul’s Multi-Fight Deal With The Network.

Tyron Woodley, the former UFC weltweight champion Paul defeated in a split decision, will return to Paul’s show in August. Showtime Sports will sell the eight-round match for $59.99 as part of Paul’s multi-fight deal with the network. The bout will take place at 192 pounds.

Amanda Serrano, Puerto Rico’s seventh-ranked world champion, will meet WBA 135-pound champion Miriam GutiĆ©rrez in the co-main event’s 10th round. When Paul and Woodley met in Cleveland a few months ago, he finally got the legitimacy he had been looking for in the boxing world.

After years of using the same trash language and gimmicks he used to gain likes, comments, and followers. This was not Paul’s best performance, and some commentators say it wasn’t overblown. His performance in Cleveland’s Rocket Mortgage Field House was so popular that it nearly sold out.

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Rise To Prominence In Boxing

Following his rise to prominence in boxing by way of aggressive trash-talking and the employment of gimmicks, Paul sought legitimacy in his fight with Woodley when the two met in Cleveland a few months in the past.

Some people thought the fight was overhyped, and Paul himself admitted that it wasn’t his best performance. In spite of this, he came within a whisker of buying out Rocket Mortgage Field House in Cleveland and garnering significant social media notice.

Back then, Paul remarked, “I think I’m one of the faces of boxing simply because I’m doing it differently.” After the bout, Paul told Showtime’s Ariel Helwani that he spent the whole fight preparing for his explosive finish.

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Final Words

“When he elbowed me in the face, blood started dripping into my eye. he’s throwing me to the ground, headbutting me, and fighting dirty.

We can’t change what’s already happened, “Paul made the statement. “That’s how things worked out, and I expected it. The entire fight, I was preparing the shot, and he didn’t see it.”