How Did Dora And Boots Die

How Did Dora And Boots Die

As a result, the internet is steadily and permanently destroying our formative years. About five years ago, widespread rumours circulated that Winnie the Pooh symbolised a number of mental diseases and that the Rugrats had all died.

Oh, and there was that rumour about the missing Simpsons episode in which Bart jumps over a cliff.

How Did Dora And Boots Die

How Did Dora And Boots Die

People have this strange obsession with killing off kid’s TV characters, and not even our old friend Dora is safe. The latest fad on TikTok involves users searching Google for the unfathomable topic, “How did Dora the Explorer die?”

Two days ago, on May 28th, the TikToker @talialopes_ posted a video in which she challenged her viewers to “film yourselves before and after searching ‘how did Dora die?'”

She was lip-syncing to the music for the first half of the video but was left speechless for the last seconds.

Each and every one of the 6,897 responses has a different theory as to how the beloved character met her sad end. However, which of these is the “correct” response?

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What happened to Dora?

ListOfDeaths, a fansite, reported on a “Dora No More” episode of Dora the Explorer that appeared to be phoney. There are 17 apparent deaths of Dora in the episode. Do you want to know how many people Dora has killed? The page offers a section for that.

Boots could shove them into quicksand, Swiper could knock them into a river where they would die, or a lightning bolt could disintegrate them. There was obviously someone out there with a huge grudge towards the We Did It song.

What? Dora isn’t Alive?

I can assure you that the young traveller wasn’t killed off 17 times in a cartoon aimed for preschoolers. In 2019, Dora the Explorer came to an end, and the final episode was published on the same day as the movie.

Dora and her companions gave out instruments to her classmates at the series finale, while in the movie they completed an old Inca quest.

Opinions Vary on How Dora the Explorer Died

Dora’s death is commonly assumed to have been caused by drowning. Some of her most devoted supporters may disagree. Many people have speculated about the cause of Dora’s death based on the results of the numerous investigations into her passing.

Dora’s death has been viewed as suspicious by some of her followers, who believe that the villains were responsible for her untimely demise. Others have speculated that Dora was actually unwell with anything like kidney disease and was even treated for it.

The therapy was unsuccessful, though, and she passed away. While some Dora fans have accepted these explanations, others have questioned whether or not Dora is indeed dead.

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But here’s the twist: Dora didn’t actually die on the show. As the story progresses, she uses her boots and her luggage to get where she needs to go. A popular song, “We Did it,” is performed by her as well.

Even still, many online resources have concluded this tale on a downbeat note. Fans continue to believe those claims are false. They say Dora lived happily ever after in the show and did not die.