And Just Like That Tragically Hip

And Just Like That Tragically Hip

New episodes of And Just Like That… are now available on HBO Max, although they leave a lot to be desired. It’s not as bad as last week’s, but it still can’t live up to the high standards set by the third episode, “When in Rome.”

Brief Synopsis of “Tragically Hip”

After Seema (Sarita Choudhury) observes that Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker) needs help climbing stairs, she arranges for Carrie to see an orthopedist. Carrie learns that she was born with a congenital birth defect in her hip.

And Just Like That Tragically Hip

Carrie, who has walked around New York City in high heels for decades without a problem, requires hip surgery since she is suddenly having trouble getting around.

While Rock (Alexa Swinton) is now using they/them pronouns and going by the moniker Rock, her parents Charlotte (Kristin Davis) and Harry (Evan Handler) are battling with the fact that their daughter is no longer identifying as Rose or using she/her pronouns.

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Despite the fact that Rock had previously told their parents that they didn’t “feel like a girl,” Charlotte and Harry were still unclear of how to proceed with their relationship with their child.

After learning through one of Charlotte’s friends that their child has changed their name (which they explain publicly in what has to be the cringiest TikTok of all time), the couple from “Tragically Hip” meets with school administrators to discuss the gravity of the situation for their son, Rock.

While Charlotte is doing her best to be supportive, Harry is furious that the school is taking Rock’s name change and pronouns seriously, stating that if it were up to them, they would eat ice cream for every meal.

Later, We Check in on Carrie Again as She Rests at Home Following Surgery.

While Carrie sleeps in Miranda’s (Cynthia Nixon) bed, Miranda and Che (Sara Ramirez) party it up with tequila and weed because it’s their “shift” to take care of her. Carrie wakes up to use the restroom but is left helpless while Che and Miranda engage in sexual activity in her kitchen.

In the end, Carrie wets the bed, and Miranda arrives to assist clean her up and apologies for being preoccupied with Che. Carrie then admits that she is unhappy in her life and marriage, and that Charlotte was correct in suspecting that she had an alcohol problem.

She finally returns home, where she discards her booze, but remains committed to her love with Che. Samantha (formerly played by Kim Cattrall) texts Carrie her support for putting their “diaphragm narrative” on Carrie’s podcast, and this exchange is shown in the episode.

As Carrie wraps off their talk, she says, “I miss you,” but Samantha never responds. As the final scene of “Tragically Hip” unfolds, Carrie receives physiotherapy from a hot therapist and proudly announces to the camera that three months later, she is back to wearing heels.

It Was So Annoying to See!

The manufactured tension in this episode of And Just Like That… was at odds with the usual behaviour of the show’s beloved characters, making for an extremely irritating viewing experience.

For example, Carrie’s sudden inability to walk up a flight of stairs, after having walked across New York to her old apartment from Sex and the City, felt fabricated and like a technique to render her helpless in bed so she could witness Miranda and Che having sex.

This is emphasised by the fact that, after undergoing hip surgery, she astonishingly recovers with the help of physical therapy in just three months. Paying cash for a hot physical therapist when insurance would cover a less conventionally appealing one felt more like a Samantha Jones move than a Carrie Bradshaw move.

In addition, the interaction between Che and Miranda seemed out of character. Having sex in her injured best friend’s kitchen is a far cry from the character people know, but it’s fantastic to see Miranda exploring her sexuality and coming to terms with both her terrible marriage and alcoholism.

Although Che likes to have a good time and smoke pot, it seems odd that they would suddenly cross the line and disregard Carrie’s personal space.

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In This Episode, Even Harry was at Odds With Himself.

In the previous episode, he encouraged his child to forgo gowns and explore their gender identity; in this episode, he is outraged that the school is accommodating Rock’s pronoun use and is protesting against Rock’s name change.

To audiences who have seen him love his family without conditions, this was a smack in the face of his character. Despite the high hopes we had for the show after the premiere, “Tragically Hip” was a letdown.

Hopefully, the lull in quality is just a symptom of the season’s midpoint. It’s not that we expect this show to be as groundbreaking as Sex and the City, but we do hope that it does these characters justice and allows us to fall in love with them all over again.

Each Thursday, HBO Max will update with a brand new episode of And Just Like That…


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