10 Best ‘Graphic Design Software’


In 2021, the freelancing industry is expected to grow at a rate unmatched by any other. Freelancing is becoming increasingly popular as a way for people to work from the convenience of their own homes.

Many freelancers are making more money than they would if they worked full-time. Freelance graphic designers have a distinct place in the market..

Everyone, from large corporations to sole proprietors, relies on graphic designers. It is imperative for businesses to establish an online presence and attract customers. Everything that used to be considered art has undergone a transformation, and now you can access it all in digital form.


You have the option of working with pre-existing templates or starting from scratch. The most important thing to keep in mind is that graphic design changes frequently, and new software is constantly being developed.

The graphic design industry is a great place to start your career. However, if you want to stay ahead of the pack, you’ll need to invest in yourself.

You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for the best Graphic Design Software for 2022. We’ve listed the top 10 Graphic Design Software here. The information in this article will assist you in making an informed decision about which piece of software is best suited to your needs.

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The Top 10 Graphic Design Software for 2022

For your convenience, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 Graphic Design Software. Our list includes information about Adobe Illustrator CC, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, and so on.

1. Photoshop CC 2017

It’s designed for the pros. There are numerous tools, templates, and presets to choose from.

It’s possible to make fantastic art with these tools at your disposal. It can also handle vector graphics. You can design websites, logos, posters, and more for any industry. Design sketches, typography and illustrations with this software.

The Adobe Creative Cloud feature makes sharing your work a breeze. There is also a feature called “Snap to Pixel”. Artwork can be aligned to pixel boundaries by using Snap to Pixel. By using in-built templates, you can create more artwork in less time. You can change the size of your artwork.

2. Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is yet another professional-level design tool. Many photographers and graphic designers use it as their default setting. Different tools have been included to help you create fantastic artwork.

For example, it comes with pre-created templates and additional tools. Photographers are drawn to it because of its photo-editing and photo-enhancing features. With a little bit of editing, you can create some stunning images for your website or Instagram feed.

This software includes a variety of useful but specialised features. These tools include brush management, access to Lightroom photos, paint symmetry, and luminance masking control. 3D artwork and paintings can be created quickly and easily.

In spite of being designed for professionals, this software can be learned in no time at all. The ‘Let starts’ videos will be plentiful. In addition, there are a plethora of tutorials on YouTube. This software can be learned quickly.

3. Adobe InDesign

Page layout and design are the primary focus of Adobe InDesign. For documentation projects, this software can be used.

Pre-flighting and publishing documents are the best uses for it. With this software, professionals can design and publish a wide range of printed materials such as books and reports in a variety of formats.

Different tools can be used with this software. Features such as paragraph borders, object height/width, pdf accessibility and font/endnote compatibility are all included.

Connecting with other writers and editors is also possible through the site. Colors, shapes, and more can be shared using the Creative Cloud Libraries tool.

You should use this to create information products. Everything you need to create stunning layouts is here.

4. Canva

Canva’s drag-and-drop feature has made it a household name. It gives you a plethora of options for designing stunning graphics, including fonts, images, shapes, and more.

It’s a platform that’s hosted in the cloud. To get you started, there are pre-built templates that you can use. Presentations, brochures, flyers, and book covers, for example, can all be customised.

It is a simple-to-use application. Regardless of your skill level, you can learn it in a short period of time. You can use it to collaborate on projects with your team very easily. The work of a teammate can be revised online.

You can choose from a variety of pre-made templates for your project. Publishing and printing your designs on canvas is a breeze.

There is no cost to 10 members and 1GB of storage is provided. With Canva, you have access to a variety of customizable layouts based on your job duties.

5. GIMP (Graphics Image Manipulation Program)

It’s open source software, so there’s no cost to you. GIMP is a powerful photo editing and creation tool. It has many tools to help you in your design.

Noise reduction, image enhancement tools, and customisable brushes are some of the best features. Bezier curves, filters, layer masks, and an animation package are all included as well.

Pre-installed and free plugins are available for GIMP. If necessary, you can also download third-party plugins via this method. Useful tools are available for experimenting with various designs.

It has a user-friendly design. It’s a good option if you don’t have much time to devote to learning new software. In order to assist you in the beginning, it includes a number of helpful editing features. Even though it doesn’t have all the features of the paid version, it’s a good place to start.

6. Pixlr

Pixlr comes in handy for those who use a variety of browsers and operating systems. It has a number of useful photo-editing tools.

Enhancement and multi-image formatting tools, as well as filters, overlays and effects are all provided by this programme as well You can use some of the tools to quickly correct your image. So much can be accomplished without sacrificing the quality.

There are four features in Pixlr. 2. Photoshop CS6; 3. Pixlr X; (online photo editor). the editor in Pixlr (web app). 3. The Pixlr Express (web app). Photographer’s toolkit: Pixlr pro (for professionals).

For the first three applications, you can use them for free. Pixlr Pro costs money, but it’s worth it for the high quality of the results.

This app is simple to use on a mobile device. Reduces the footprint of devices. This software has already been adopted by a large number of artists and designers.

7. Inkscape

It’s known for its ability to create vector images. It has a plethora of tools for creating vector graphics. An image can be embellished with multiple effects by manipulating its shapes, paths, text, and clones. This software is simple to use. This package includes everything needed to create some fantastic artworks.

For the price of nothing, Inkscape provides you with a powerful set of tools. SVG, EPS, JPG, BMP, PNG, PostScript, and TIP can all be used to create files.

It also allows for the editing of nodes, the manipulation of paths, and the inclusion of circumfluent object text. Vector images can be easily exported from most image editing programmes.

To begin your career as a graphic designer, you can use this free tool.

8. Autodesk SketchBook

It is, as the name implies, a drawing app. Awesome visual designs and illustrations are within your grasp. It can be used on a computer and a tablet at the same time. Artists and designers will find it to be the best software available. It has a slew of features to make your life easier.

In addition to a colour library and advanced layers, you can use it to create custom brushes as well as gradient fills and blending modes for your artwork.

There are other tools like perspective guides, stroke stabilisers, and layers, etc. to enhance your work quality. A realistic view can still be had despite the fact that it is digital.

JPG, PSD, PNG and TIFF formats can be used to create images. It is possible to create artwork with a resolution of 100 megapixels.

It can be used on a computer and a mobile device. You’d like to check out each of the three available editions. Starting out on your own and working alone? No problem. For teams and businesses, it is available at an affordable price.

9. Piktochart

Presentations and infographics can both be made with Piktochart. A cloud-hosted graphic design application. It has a drag-and-drop editor to help you get the job done quickly.

This software can be used to create infographics, presentations, posters, and more. It also provides you with pre-built templates, creative charts, images, and other resources that you can use in your design.

The best part is that you can design for the web. Using this software, you can create web-ready content because of its design flexibility and HTML publishing capabilities. Make educational and marketing materials with ease using this software. You have to buy it. It has a variety of plans to fit your needs.

10. Photoshop Elements

Last but not least, we have CorelDRAW. Image editing, drawing, correction, and graphic design are just a few of the many uses for Corel PaintShop Pro. In order to deliver the highest level of quality possible, it has included a number of useful tools.

Some of the tools available are: back up, quick fixes, effects, and retouching, among others. With these tools at your disposal, you can produce some stunning work.

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A built-in organiser and the ability to view EXIF data and geotags are just two of the many great features. Facial recognition and image ranking are also features available. Enhancements requested by users can be implemented in the software.

Excellent quality and an intuitive user interface make it a must-have for anyone. Investing a large sum of money in this software is unnecessary.


Because of the rapid growth of online businesses and the marketing industry, there is a growing demand for graphic designers. People can find a lot of work in the graphic design industry.

You’ll need a few things to get started in this industry and make a lot of money. These 10 best Graphic Design Software for 2022 are here to help. With any of these tools, you can quickly and easily produce stunning work of art.