Top 7 Alternatives of ‘CricHD’ Live Streaming


There is no better setting for a sports fan to experience the worldliness of the game than the stadium. The energy generated by fellow fans cheers one up when watching a sport in the stadium. People will be able to see their favourite athletes up close.

However, there are numerous advantages to watching a match online. When one chooses to watch sports online, they might save a lot of money. It is also possible to save time and energy.

Being at home and watching sports online with friends and family is far more pleasant than going to a stadium, which may be claustrophobic and uncomfortable. We have a playback function or a replay in live streaming online, which you won’t get at the stadium.


CricHD Background

There are a plethora of websites that give us with free live streaming of cricket and other sports. One of these well-liked websites is CricHD.

Every month, millions of users are captivated by it. It not only allows you to watch live sports, but it also gives you access to a variety of sports channels. It’s a well-designed website with a lot of information.

This website’s vertical header category gives users a good virtual appeal and an organised design. When it comes to free content on this site, there are some limitations because there is the possibility of being linked to a disapproved site.

As a result, it’s a good idea to use Virtual Private Network before using any of these free online streaming services.

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Top 7 CricHD Live Alternatives

This is the most popular site, therefore it gets millions of visitors every day from all around the world. We’ve included links to some of the most popular sites in this article that can be utilised as a substitute for CricHD and to avoid the heavy traffic.

1. Hotstar

This is a well-known and respected website. On this website, you may find a wide variety of sports tournaments. People with slow internet connections can download it to their phones and watch the content offline. On Hotstar, there are a good variety of TV channels and their shows to choose from.

Star Sports, StarPlus, Asianet, Foxlife, National Geographic, and others, for example. Many sports, such as cricket, hockey, badminton, tennis, basketball, football, martial arts, Kabaddi, and athletics, are available in the sports content.

Despite the fact that the website’s performance is a never-ending debate, the user experience works well on all devices and is substantially more efficient on Android devices.

2. BBC iPlayer (British Broadcasting Corporation)

This is a free service that allows us to watch live sports online. Although there are a large number of free live online sports to watch, not all of them are available on this page. This webpage was created by the British Broadcasting Corporation.

The user interface is straightforward and well-presented. Offline content can be downloaded for a period of 30 days. On this website, you may watch all of the BBC TV stations for free.


This is one of the most well-known websites. This is a digital entertainment website headquartered in India that is one of the largest in the world. Sony Pictures Networks Pvt. Ltd. created and maintains this website.

It may be used on a variety of devices, including Smart TVs, Android and iOS devices, and more. On this Sony Liv website, users have unlimited access to the entire WWE catalogue.

Offline download is available on this website, as it is on other websites, for those who want to store it for later. The sports channel available on this site is Sony Six.

They broadcast all cricket matches and tournaments, as well as a range of sports not related to cricket. They also have excellent paid subscription plans.

4. Loala1.TV 

This is a website where you may watch live streaming video from all over the world. It is one of the most popular websites in Austria, and it was founded there as well. Watching the match highlights, which are only available on our website, is a great way to pass the time.

This website offers both paid and free information, although there is much to look at for free. The nicest and most appreciable aspect of this website is that it does not have any downtime or buffering.

5. Sky Sports

Sky Sports is a website headquartered in the United Kingdom that specialises in live sports streaming. This is a well-known website that is streamed all over the world. This site also offers both paid and free live sports streaming. A vast variety of sports are available to watch and enjoy.

It provides us with a wide range of options. This site streams all of the major cricket events and other sports without sacrificing quality.

6. MyCricketLive

MyCricketLive is a completely free website created specifically for cricket fans. This page has all of the live cricket match connections. This is another another international live streaming sports website dedicated solely to cricket.

This website has four server links, so if one is buffering, we can instantly switch to the next server for uninterrupted high-speed and high-quality streaming. This webpage and app are compatible with all platforms, including Smart TVs, Android and iOS devices, and more.

7. Vip Box

VipBox provides free online sports streaming. There are many options to pick from when it comes to finding your favourite sport. This website provides users with a variety of streaming links from which they can watch live streaming and select the best link that suits their needs.

Even if a user discovers a broken link, the team addresses the issue within a few hours and ensures the user’s pleasure. On this website, pop-up advertisements that generally interrupt the user in between matches are not a problem.

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Technology is important in practically every industry in the world, and sports is no exception. People prefer to watch sports from the comfort of their own homes rather than waste money by going to a stadium.

This is the primary reason for the popularity of online sports streaming websites like CricHD. This site’s alternatives allow visitors to enjoy their favourite sport without being slowed down by traffic or buffering.