7 Top ‘Collaboration Tools’ Students Can Use for Remote Group Task

Collaboration Tools

There is a good probability that LMS solutions like Google Classroom or Blackboard will not suffice while you are working in a group at school or college.

It’s for this reason that the vast majority of forward-thinking educational institutions are turning to alternatives that offer even more opportunities for group collaboration.

Collaboration Tools

Collaboration Tools

Prior to the launch of a major remote group project, these should be studied and tested to see if they are the best fit for the task at hand. When deciding what works best for you, always take your time and remember that user privileges are used!

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1. Slack

This amazing CMS system is well-known among college students, educators, web developers, SEO specialists, and businesses who have used it to generate new ideas and find solutions for decades.

Add video or audio chat options; search private discussions by keyword; and much more are all available. Anyone can join by simply clicking on a link that you post.

2. Theoretical

Students can use it from any location, making it a valuable resource for group work. A cloud-based platform that allows students to present their own ideas and solutions is provided.

But if you need an extra essay helper, it’s simple to use the facts you already know. Using this technology is like using a social media network to learn remotely!

3. Mural

Despite the fact that it is essentially an interactive whiteboard, it takes a slightly different approach that works well for remote group projects that require showing and telling.

In order to get the best possible outcomes, the system uses multimedia concepts, handwriting, drawings and many more tools that make every difficult project more approachable when working in a group.

4. Spiral

There is no need to install anything else, and it integrates seamlessly with your existing LMS system, so you won’t have to worry about it in the future either.

It is the means through which everything is held together. Using the import/export functionality allows you to seamlessly integrate features such as joining live chats, adding videos, working remotely on projects, and more.

5. Classcraft

An excellent approach to keep younger kids involved while they learn about various concepts and work on their definition of friendship, or as they study the political systems in different countries.

It encourages students to use their imaginations by introducing them to characters and ideas to which they may all participate. Students of various ages can participate in online debates thanks to the inclusion of discussion tools.

6. Skype

Despite the fact that it may not seem like the most obvious choice, video conferencing is an excellent way to connect with colleagues on a project or to conduct a video course. It’s easy to set up and doesn’t cost anything.

While starting a small business from home, you may need to explain some marketing or outsourcing concepts via Skype. If you don’t believe me, just give it a shot!

7. Empire of the Makers

It’s a unique tool for bringing 3D design and collaboration together. Makers Empire is the best option if you’re looking to teach or learn about engineering concepts from the comfort of your own home.

Try it out for free before deciding whether or not to invest in it. For a successful collaboration, it has all of the required tools to keep things flowing smoothly!

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When teaching younger pupils, remote educators should not overlook the idea of incorporating gamification and group creativity to keep them engaged.

Minecraft Educational Edition is a wonderful illustration of critical thinking and teamwork based on simple game principles, analysis, assisting each other, and aiming for problem solving abilities together.

Also, Quizlet is a great free resource for finding quizzes and other study materials such as fact sheets and other educational materials. Students can use these templates for gaming purposes because they are supplied as editable templates.