10 Best Games Like Minecraft for PC, PS4, Xbox One, iOS and Android

Games Like Minecraft

One of the most important things in a kid’s life is their video game. Every day, they can unwind and pass the time by playing a video game. Playing video games has some advantages, such as slowing the ageing process and making a person a better decision-maker.

In addition, it improves one’s capacity to learn. The reflexive ability of the human hand-eye coordination can also be improved by playing video games. It improves concentration and willpower, and it may even be used to treat depression.

Games Like Minecraft

Learning and multitasking are also enhanced by this game.. When we talk about video games, Minecraft is the first game that comes to mind. Video games like this one are extremely popular all over the world.

This is a video game in the open-world and crafting genres. Even after ten years, this video game still has a large following. It was still YouTube’s most-watched game in 2019.

Best PC, PS4, Xbox One, iOS, and Android Alternatives to Minecraft

This game received 100 billion page views on the website. Miners and crafters are the players of this game. Diamond mining and creeper evasion can be tedious for even the most experienced players.

They’re in the market for something new and exciting. Here are some games that are almost as similar to Minecraft as possible and that gamers will enjoy playing. We’ve included a list of games here.

1. Ecosystems

Due to its similarity to Minecraft’s base, Eco takes the top spot on this list. In some ways, it feels like a significant evolution of the Minecraft concept to be based on this game. Eco serves as both a teaching tool and a game, which is a good reason to use it.

We’ve all come to realise that, in this interconnected world, it’s essential to establish a civilization. A society is built in this game. As a result, we’re not just chopping down trees to make something; we’re also chopping in places where the soil won’t be eroded.

In order to avoid polluting the water, we need to minimise the amount of waste we produce. For both entertainment and education, gentle use of natural resources is emphasised in the game.

Another challenging way to play with other players who can stop a meteor from destroying everything is this mode of play. That’s why we’d like to send our best wishes your way.

2. Jack the Ripper

Sandbox action-adventure game Junk Jack. There are two modes of play in this 2D platformer: cooperative crafting and exploration, and devious killing and trapping. We don’t know what will happen if you dig too deep or venture too far from home in this game. However, death is always the end result.

Players in many of these games are thrown into the deep end and given the opportunity to wreak havoc. It’s clear that Junk Jack has a different perspective. When you first start the game, it walks you through a lengthy tutorial to get you up to speed.

This helps newcomers get a better sense of the game’s tone and colour. To make things easier for newer players, a basic crafting system with item recipes is available.

The purpose is not sacrificed for the sake of simplicity. In addition, there are a number of in-game objectives to meet. This is a simple game to pick up and play right away.

3. No Man’s Sky 

No Man’s Sky is a survival and exploration game. Independent game developer Hello Games came up with the idea and put it into action. Procedural generation was introduced in Minecraft’s early days. A similar concept was used to launch No Man’s Sky, a fantastically high-flying game.

Over 18 quintillion planets, not just one, are at your disposal in this game. It’s a survival loop that involves spaceships and aliens.

The game had a bad start because it couldn’t live up to the expectations of the players. The game, on the other hand, has undergone a transformation. According to the needs and desires of the players, it has been reworked and restructured.

With so many things to see and do, it’s been an enjoyable trip. It’s a great game that never gets old for the players. If this is the case, they have the ability to create an entirely new solar system.

They board their spacecraft and take off for a new planet they’ve built. Those who enjoy playing games that challenge their creative faculties will enjoy this one enormously.

PC and PS4 compatibility

4. Crafting the World 

The sandbox strategy game Craft the World is a unique experience. In order to explore and mine an underground network, players in Craft the World are given command of dwarves.

Who can then be used to build some truly amazing fortifications. After a long day of building, players can use the game’s simple recipes to make their own weapons, items, and ammunition.

The library has all the ingredients and instructions you need. This game, on the other hand, differs significantly from Minecraft. A group of Earth-dwelling homunculi assists in this area. Minecraft, on the other hand, has only one player in the World.

It also gives you more muscle to fight the bad guys. Traps can be set and sent away with a few clicks here and there. The players will have a great time playing this game because it is visually appealing and entertaining.

It’s compatible with PCs and iOS devices.

5. The Flood’s Flame

The Flame in the Flood is deceptive, much like a video game created by The Molasses Flood in terms of survival and adventure. There are numerous platforms on which this game can be played.

It’s also similar to Minecraft in that it is a risk-reward survival-crafted game. Unlike Minecraft, however, it does not utilise a first-person perspective. In “The Flame in the Flood,” players are constantly on the move.

An epic river trip through post-societal America will be necessary for players to win the game. As they make their way downstream in a washed-out part of the United States, they hope to locate the radio signal’s source.

The ecstatic visuals and folky soundtrack of The Flame in the Flood elevate it above the rest due to the movie’s fast tempo, both metaphorical and literal. To top it all off, there’s a dog companion in this game.

Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC

6. Rust

Rust is a survival-horror game for two players only. This is a cruel world with no clear rules or instructions for the players.

Finally, the protagonist is slain. In the long run, however, the players will figure out how to survive by crafting weapons, gears, and even building makeshift shelters to protect themselves from the other players.

Aside from radiation and weather hazards, it shields them. It’s important to note that Rust is an experiment in human depravity. This game is a lot like Minecraft, but it’s also quite unique.

On the other hand, the player may be killed by nefarious raiders in this game. To put it another way, it’s possible to have an enjoyable survival experience when you’re working with like-minded people. Furthermore, Rust’s primary goal is to survive in the wild by gathering or stealing resources.

It’s life or death for players if they can’t keep an eye on their hunger, thirst, and overall health. Even though bears and wolves pose a serious threat, the primary danger is other players because the game is entirely multiplayer. Facepunch Studios is solely to be lauded for the incredible work that went into making this title.

Runs on a PC

7. The Lego Universe

Minecraft is the primary inspiration for this game. Even Minecraft gets a lot of its inspiration from Lego. As a result, a connection can be drawn between the two games. Using a 3D World generated by the game, players can build structures.

A player in the video game Lego Worlds can erect fantastical structures using powerful crafting tools and then demolish the entire surrounding environment in a single bound.

Campaigns, collectibles, and the classic Lego-style gameplay all make an appearance. Incredibly well-done narration by Peter Serafinowicz. The Lego Worlds game gets a makeover with this one.

This game has some amazing qualities that make players feel a strong emotional attachment to it. The game’s brick-based biomes also charm the players.

Compatibility: PCs, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch

8. Don’t Starve Yourself

Create 3D structures in the game’s procedurally generated environment. Many similarities can be found between Minecraft and don’t starve. As long as the Creeper is around, he will always be king of scares.

Minecraft’s iconic icon is nearly uncrownable in this game’s creatures. Despite the game’s limited resources, the focus is on survival through the creation of tools and shelters.

H.P. Lovecraft’s gothic aesthetic is incorporated into this game, making it stand out. We can infer from the title that hunger is the first obstacle for the players.

Klei Entertainment gave the game a name and made it all about surviving as a single player character. It paid a lot of attention to what it ate. It also emphasised the importance of fire. The name itself is self-explanatory.

Works on: PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, iOS, and Android devices; not tested on: Windows 10 Mobile.

9. Forge of the StarForge

CodeHatch created the video game StarForge for Windows. Guns and bases can be edited in this sandbox-style game.

A large portion of the gameplay revolves around collecting and storing resources in order to build bases, craft items, and survive on a new planet. A black hole has formed in the Sun’s orbit, causing it to end.

In order to populate a new planet, humans have transferred all of their knowledge and resources. It incorporates elements from a variety of genres, including RTS, FPS, and role-playing games.

In addition, the game is based on life on Atlas, the planet where the game’s protagonist resides. Furthermore, the game is both a single-player and a multiplayer one. In addition, it’s an action role-playing game.

All versions of Microsoft Windows are supported

10. The Woodlands

This is a very literal game. The player is on board a plane when it crashes. The game takes place on a secluded peninsula that is surrounded by dense forest.

After being dropped in the middle of the forest, the player is forced to forge weapons and find a place to stay for the duration of the game. The cannibals of the nocturnal tribe are the only threat to their survival.

This game is more terrifying than Minecraft, despite the fact that the two games are very similar. Scavenging for food, finding shelter from the elements, and fending off club-wielding mutants all have the feel of a true Green Inferno. This game is not suitable for children to play at all.

PC and PS4 compatibility


In conclusion, I’d like to point out that games other than Minecraft can also give players a similar sense of exhilaration.

I’ve listed a variety of video games that gamers will enjoy in the following paragraphs. Video games do have some drawbacks, such as contributing to a culture of apathy among young people.

Academic performance is also negatively affected. Obesity is also a result of this. People who are influenced by video games engage in real-world violence. Despite the fact that some games can be beneficial, they pale in comparison to the plethora of violent and addictive games that are popular today.

Video games should be treated as a serious issue, and people should take precautions to avoid being influenced negatively. We should not, however, stop playing video games. We should allot a certain amount of time each day for this. Players will likely appreciate the Minecraft alternatives, I believe.


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