Why Was Officer Kingery Banned From Tiktok

Why Was Officer Kingery Banned From Tiktok

Officer Kingery was accused of sexually abusing Charlie Kingery, a popular TikTok user and Charlie’s friend. After that, he deletes all online accounts and deletes his portfolio. A member of a successful touring musical and comic troupe, he gained widespread recognition.

Officer Kingery has gained over 2.5 million followers as a popular TikToker. His real name is Charlie Kingery, and he is reportedly in his 30s. His handle on the popular video-sharing app is “@officer kingery.”

Why Was Officer Kingery Banned From Tiktok

The Emmy-winning documentary series Live PD features Kingery and his colleague Officer Stuart Bishop in its third season. Kingery is a real cop that serves with the SWAT team of the Indiana police department where he is employed.

Officer Charlie Kingery has lived in Fishers with his wife Christine, a wedding planner, for the past decade. Together, they raised two kids, Landon and Audra.

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Accusations Of Sexual Assault Against Officer Kingery Have Surfaced.

Several others have made sexual assault allegations against Kingery since he deactivated his account. A user on the site who uses by the handle @flawlesslawless__ claimed that an unidentified police officer had made inappropriate statements to her and that.

As they were parting ways, he had kissed her on the cheek “his hand went f*cking down her skirt. While she didn’t call out Kingery by name in the video itself, she did so in the comments section, where she ruled out other possible names while making it clear that Kingery was not among them.

Had A Negative Impact On My Loved Ones As Well.

Kingery may have been influenced by her tale, which has not been confirmed, into leaving TikTok. Kingery claimed the site’s negative effects on his family in a video he posted before deciding to delete his account.

In contrast, this new app is a game-changer. It’s caused more stress and drama in my life than I can handle, and it’s had a negative impact on my loved ones as well “He elaborated on what had happened.

All-Cop Comedy Ensemble Content Violation.

Officer Kingery has also toured with the all-cop comedy ensemble Content Violation, whose members tilt to the right. After online assault charges appeared, the TikToker’s followers speculate that Officer Kingery deleted his TikTok and Instagram accounts.

A number of people have levelled sexual misconduct allegations against him. TikToker @flawlesslawless__ said a police officer s**ually assaulted her after making lewd remarks about her.

Two Additional Anonymous Users Have Accused Kingery.

In The video’s comments, she did not specifically mention Kingery, but she also did not rule him out. Two additional anonymous users have accused Kingery of assault and harassment, which was reported by an influencer who goes by the handle @theconservativebarbie on the video-sharing network.

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Final Words

As of January 2021, the latest available data shows that there are 689 million unique monthly users of the TikTok platform around the world.

This is according to Data Reporting (2021). After only two years of existence, TikTok has surpassed far more established sites like Snapchat, Pinterest, and Twitter in terms of user base size.