Why is the Reddit Logo Pixelated

Why is the Reddit Logo Pixelated

Users of the official Reddit app are scratching their heads after the recent update caused the icon to become pixelated.

While there are a tonne of unofficial Reddit apps for both Android and iOS, the official Reddit app is where it’s at. It’s simple to use, doesn’t cost anything to install, and provides instant access to all of your preferred subreddits from any web browser.

Why is the Reddit Logo Pixelated

The Reddit mobile app is great because of the extensive personalization options it provides. Users can alter the size of their Reddit thumbnails, enable or deactivate autoplay videos, and adjust the perspective of the front page.

Why is the Reddit Logo Pixelated

You can customise the Reddit app by uploading a new icon. To change the app’s icon, launch it, tap the profile icon in the upper right corner, then tap “Settings.” Doge, Neon, and Neon Blue are just a few of the available alternatives (just to name a few).

Changing the app icon is a terrific way to give your home screen a facelift if you’re sick of the same old orange Reddit logo on a white backdrop. On the other hand, you may have noticed that the Reddit app has randomly switched icons within the previous few days.

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In particular, the Reddit app symbol has suddenly been pixelated. The same orange logo on white backdrop, but now it seems like it was made with Microsoft Paint. An image of the pixelated icon was shared to r/MildlyInfuriating by user u/Spectre Of the Night, who asked, “Anyone else discovered their app icon to be pixelated or just me?”

In the subreddit r/Pixel4, member u/cp2434 wrote, “With the last Reddit app update, the symbol on my home screen became hazy. It emblem is unique in its appearance.”

April Fools’ Day Version of the Reddit App Icon

In reality, there is a compelling justification behind the pixelated appearance of the Reddit app symbol. In a nutshell, it’s an April Fools’ Day promotion for the r/Place subreddit, which Reddit has brought back this year.

On April 1, 2017, r/Place launched as an online art exhibition. Users of Reddit may go to the subreddit, fill out a tiny section of a massive digital canvas, and collaborate on a final product.

What’s the catch? Every five minutes, users may only complete one square. Though it may sound like a calamity waiting to happen, the image you see above was created when more than a million people on Reddit randomly put 16 million coloured squares.

It’s a hodgepodge of images, including Rocket League logos, a digital rendition of the Mona Lisa, flags from several countries, and a likeness of Steve Irwin holding a newborn crocodile.

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Reddit has brought r/Place back for April Fool’s Day, 2022, after taking a five-year hiatus. Starting at 9:00 AM EDT on April 1, 2022, r/Place will be open for business. You can visit r/Place as often as once every five minutes while signed into your Reddit account and place a coloured pixel square wherever you like on the canvas.

Only until midnight on April 5 may content be submitted to r/Place, offering the Reddit community a short window in which to get their creative juices flowing. There has been no official word from Reddit about when the pixelated app icon would be restored to normalcy following the April 5 conclusion of r/Place.