Who is Robin From The Hair Salon

Who is Robin From The Hair Salon

Sharon Spellman, a hairstylist from Los Angeles who is only 25 years old, has gone popular on TikTok after uploading video of an altercation with an abusive client.

The proprietor of Simply Insane Hair Salon, located in Simi Valley’s Bombshell Salon Suites, uploaded a clip taken by the establishment’s surveillance cameras.

Who is Robin From The Hair Salon

Spellman claims that his helper Alex’s refusal to perform a root touch-up on his client “Robin” was prompted by the client’s bigotry. “Robin responds, “I don’t care,” after Spellman says, “She’s my assistant,” in the footage. I’m not going to tell you how to do my hair anymore, so please do it.”

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Tell Me What Robin Said to the Barber.

In the video, a client named “Robin” (referred to by Spellman as “Robin”) rejects Alex’s offer of a root touch-up service, a decision that was apparently driven by racism, in the opinion of the hairstylist. Robin responds, “I don’t care,” when Spellman introduces her as his assistant in the clip.

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Habit Salon, whose clientele includes celebrities like Addison Rae and Cynthia Parker, has been accused of not following the city of Los Angeles’s mask law. Their official TikTok account is @hairby chrissy, where a number of videos have been released showing both employees and customers without any sort of facial covering.