Which Member of Our House Band is One of Jimmy’s Childhood Friends?

Which Member of Our House Band is One of Jimmy's Childhood Friends?

One of the featurettes made for the network’s celebration of the month is Jimmy Kimmel’s sidekick Rodriguez, 50, chatting with Cleto Escobedo III, the show’s longtime musical director and band leader.

This is the world premiere of this segment, and PEOPLE has the exclusive first look. Rodriguez claims that Escobedo, 55, is the sole Latino band leader on late night television.

Which Member of Our House Band is One of Jimmy's Childhood Friends?

Jimmy’s Childhood Friends

Escobedo says, “I’m quite proud of that.” “Only a select handful of us are afforded this opportunity; I do what I can to ensure that we are properly represented.”

Rodriguez, who is Mexican-American, discusses his early days on the show later in their interview. He used to work as a security guard and was once busted while taking a nap in the car of radio host Dicky Barrett.

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Kimmel proposed including Escobedo’s father, Cleto, Jr. That was incredible!” He knew most of the players, but he asked me who I wanted in the band. He then said, “How about your dad?” as Escobedo remembers.

By that time, the elder Escobedo had been a butler at Caesars Palace for over 30 years, and his son anticipated that he would be hesitant to go. Kimmel and Escobedo III collaborated on a proposal.

There was this one time when my dad went up to a stranger and shook his hand and said, “Thank you for employing my kid; it will be great to see him.” Meanwhile, Braun asks, “Your son?” You can stop saying, “I wish I was in the band,” because you are.

It was finalised, and now Cleto is performing alongside his musician father, Cleto Escobedo, Sr. So, every weeknight on “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” we get to see two boys who grew up next door to each other.

“I wanted excellent musicians, but I also wanted somebody I had chemistry with,” Kimmel explained. I can think of no one else in my entire life with whom I share as wonderful chemistry as he does.

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