What Will You Have After 500 Years

What Will You Have After 500 Years

“Invincible” ended earlier this year, and the final trade paperback was released just a few weeks ago, so I decided to revisit the series in light of these events, as well. Without exaggeration, “Invincible” is why I read comics.

The movie “Invincible” moulded my interests as a teenager and it’s still something I have a hard time looking at critically now that I’m older. As an alternative, I might reflect on how “Invincible” impacted my life and sparked my interest in comic books.

What Will You Have After 500 Years

There May Be No Life On Earth.

There will be three cautions before we get started, so be ready for that. This is a ridiculous, random, and only makes sense in the context of my own life grouping of these concerns. Second, this article will contain numerous spoilers for “Invincible whole “‘s run. Please be cautious if you don’t want that to happen to you.

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Lastly, because I’m going to talk about the book in a way that is very personal to me, I recommend skipping this one if you don’t like reading things that get sappy or nostalgic. If you think you’re up to the challenge, we’ll get started.

As far as I can tell, For the next 500 years, there may be no life on Earth. The earth will be destroyed in a few decades due to an increase in global warming, pollution, population, and food demand. Humans are doomed to extinction because of their own stupidity and meanness.

Earth Has Undergone A Significant Shift.

Suppose we survive for another 200 years. In the last century, the Earth has undergone a significant shift. Mass-destructive weapons that we’ve found are already a threat to our survival.

It’s hard to imagine what this self-centered individual will do in the following two hundred years. When it comes to gaining power, they’ll eat and chew each other up like dogs. Even though I believe the Earth has lived most of its life, it is currently afflicted with a slew of diseases, thus I pray for a new day every day.

Greenhouse Gases

Normally, greenhouse gases act like the glass in a greenhouse, trapping solar heat and making the Earth warmer than it otherwise would be. That can be helpful, but only for a limited time before it becomes overwhelming.

As a result of increased atmospheric carbon dioxide concentrations, summer temperatures can become dangerously high, causing ice sheets in Greenland and Antarctica to disintegrate. The oceans are rising due to the melting of ice sheets, which causes coastal areas to flood.

The Survival Of All Life On Earth Is In Jeopardy.

That’s what our planet is currently dealing with. Depending on how eager humans are to modify their habits, these developments could lead to a drastically different planet in 500 years.

Extreme weather events, such as heat waves, storms, and droughts, can be exacerbated by a warming globe. These events can alter the landscape. The survival of all life on Earth is in jeopardy.

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So, the Earth may look very different in 500 years. Or, if humans are prepared to alter their habits, the planet and its most successful inhabitants, humanity, could coexist for many more centuries with their beautiful woods, oceans, fields, and cities.