What Happened to Karen on Second Chance Retreat

What Happened to Karen on Second Chance Retreat

The creators of “My Mom, Your Dad” want to change up the traditional reality dating show format. The eight-part series is similar to “Love Island” and “The Circle,” but with the added twist that its participants all have extensive dating experience.

This isn’t “The Bachelor,” where a bunch of twenty-three-year-olds hope to find a wealthy fiancee by the show’s final episode. Adult children nominated their parents who are divorced and over the age of 40 in the hopes that they could find love again.

What Happened to Karen on Second Chance Retreat

Daughter Breanna of Karen and son Noah of Troy hadn’t done a very good job of setting them up. Even though Noah insisted that Troy broaden his dating horizons, the Kids’ Bunker only set Karen up on dates with Scott and Phillip Sr.

But the two lovers kept finding their way back to each other, and they even slept together. Karen and Breanna’s time together was cut short when they were called away by a producer.

Even after engaging in a shaman-led meditation exercise, which kept Troy at the Second Chance Retreat for a little longer, he ultimately decided to leave.

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Karen Larrea’s Departure From “My Mom, Your Dad” and Her Explanation for Doing So. An “Urgent Family Matter,” She said.

A producer for the dating show “My Rock Says Caution” called Karen as she and Troy lounged outside the retreat house in episode six. The producer pulled Karen aside for a confidential discussion and introduced Karl to break some “a bit awful” news.

Karl Risinger is listed as the show’s Health and Safety Supervisor at the end of the episode.

Not long into the talk, a wall of words filled the screen.

Why Didn’t Karen Return to “My Mom Your Dad?”

Karen Larrea said after that meeting that she had to leave My Mom, Your Dad despite the fact that it hurt and that the whole situation was awful. Her confession and her farewell letter to Troy both included references to her own personal issues.

She continued by saying that the time was stressful for everyone involved. Even in her regular Instagram replies to fans, Karen Larrea has not yet explained why she left so suddenly and abruptly, even though filming has been finished for months.

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Last Words

Considering all of this, as well as the fact that even Breana seemed very distressed upon hearing the news, we’re not going to venture any guesses as to what may have happened.

We won’t pretend we don’t care about what happens to Karen or that her optimistic and courageous spirit hasn’t won our hearts. It seems like a very private affair, so we won’t bring it up again until she explains why.