Warriors Beautiful Ball Movement Already Reaching Regular-Season …

Warriors Beautiful Ball Movement Already Reaching Regular-Season ...

Stephen Curry led Golden State with 29 points, six boards, and four assists, while Jordan Poole scored 17 points in reserve. The Warriors scored 33 points off of 18 Boston turnovers that they caused. Certainly, that played a significant role in the final result.

Only two other Celtics players scored in double figures, so even though Jayson Tatum led the team with 28 points and six rebounds, it wasn’t enough. Games 3 and 4 of the series will be played in Boston. The most important lessons from Game 2 are listed here.

Warriors Beautiful Ball Movement Already Reaching Regular-Season ...

The Past is a Cruel Mistress.

Draymond Green was not thrilled by the Celtics’ 21-for-45 performance from deep in Game 1. Green remarked, “They made 21 threes, yet Marcus Smart, Al Horford, and Derrick White scored a total 15 points.”

“Those players are great from behind the arc, but they shot a combined 15-for-23. Eh. It’s going to work out perfectly for us.”

It turned out that he was onto something after all. In Game 1, Green sagged off of Horford to focus on help defence, but right from the tip-off of Game 2, he changed the tenor of the game. Green took an overly aggressive stance against Horford, leading to a jump ball.

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At Last, We are Beginning to Identify The True Identities of These Squads.

Tonight was a fantastic example of why teams tend to play with a smaller rotation as a postseason series goes.

The Celtics would love to have four big players available to play. Al Horford just turned 36, and Robert Williams III is nursing an injury.

They would be grateful for anything Daniel Theis could provide them. In his seven minutes of action, the Celtics were outscored 12 to 0. Ime Udoka should have benched him for the remainder of the series the second he tried to play drop-coverage against Stephen Curry.

Mr. Thompson and Dr. Jekyll

In Game 2, Klay Thompson made only 4 of 19 shots from the field. That’s not an easy night, but it’s also not particularly horrible. In 15 of his 32 games during the regular season, Thompson shot below 40% from the field.

This playoffs, he’s been averaging one or two duds every series, and even when his numbers for the game as a whole appear good, he often needs a strong second half to make up for a poor first.

Not that this means Thompson is a complete disaster. The highs are still as high as they were before. Klay Thompson’s 32-point performance in the fourth quarter was pure Klay. Even in the playoffs, he is still scoring around 20 points per game.

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Last Words

A second reliable scorer is desperately needed for the Warriors. Despite some promising moments in Game 1, Jordan Poole still has a ways to go. The NBA Finals have not started off well for Andrew Wiggins. As of the moment, Curry is the primary creator of Golden State’s offence.

Although he doesn’t touch the ball very often, the Warriors’ offence functions better when Thompson makes his shots and creates his own opportunities inside the arc. Thanks for reading our article Warriors Beautiful Ball Movement Already Reaching Regular-Season …