Today The Fundamentalist Movement In The Middle East Calls For

Today The Fundamentalist Movement In The Middle East Calls For

With a focus on the Middle East and Southeast Asia, this paper offers a critical analysis of the literature written about Islamic fundamentalism.

It examines previous research on Islamic fundamentalism and makes the case that many of the fundamentalists’ pet ideas are remarkably similar to those found in standard Orientalist accounts of the religion.

Today The Fundamentalist Movement In The Middle East Calls For

Also, it tries to address the issue from a worldwide vantage point, where globalisation, globalisation, modernity, and cross-cultural exchange all play important roles in making sense of the situation.

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Asian Studies Has Chosen SOJOURN

Southeastern Asian Social Issues Journal is a multidisciplinary publication concerned with the study of Southeast Asian society and culture.

The goal of publishing both theoretical and empirical research articles is to advance and disseminate knowledge about the region. Ethnicity, religion, urbanisation, migration, and development are all hot-button issues.

There are three issues of SOJOURN per year, in March, July, and November. The journal offers articles, research notes and comments, and book reviews. The Association for Asian Studies has chosen SOJOURN as one of the 100+ best Asian studies journals to index.

Description Of Publishers.

Southeast Asia and its broader geostrategic and economic context are the focus of research at ISEAS – Yusof Ishak Institute, a regional centre. Regional Economic Studies (RES; this includes APEC and ASEAN) Regional Strategic and Political Studies (RSPS) and Regional Social and Cultural Studies (RSCS) are the institute’s primary areas of research (RSCS).

More than two thousand books and periodicals have been published by ISEAS Publishing, making it a well-respected academic publisher. There is no other academic publisher in Southeast Asia that comes close to matching it in terms of the volume and quality of the research it publishes.

ISEAS Publishing Collaborates

Distributing vital scholarly and commercial publications from and about Southeast Asia, ISEAS Publishing collaborates with a wide variety of other publishers and distributors. The material on this flashcard can be utilised for testing, studying, and general knowledge improvement.

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