The Spanish Love Deception Barnes And Noble

The Spanish Love Deception Barnes And Noble

There’s “everything you could desire in a romance” in this TikTok hit about a young woman who decides to pretend date a coworker in order to bring him to her sister’s wedding .

Catalina Martn wants to attend her sister’s wedding but has no one to go with. Not to mention how her “little white lie” about her American partner has gotten out of hand. Her entire social circle, including her exes and their respective fiancees, will suddenly be present and eager to greet him.

The Spanish Love Deception Barnes And Noble

Pompous Coworker Aaron Blackford Unexpectedly Offers To Help Out.

Within the next four weeks, she must locate someone who is willing to travel across the Atlantic to help her with her deceit. The trip from New York to Spain isn’t quick, and her rowdy relatives aren’t simple to trick.

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The tall, attractive, pompous coworker Aaron Blackford unexpectedly offers to help out. There has never been a more irritating, blood-poisoning, and intolerable man, therefore she would rather decline.

But They Actively Dislike One Another.

Catalina, however, is running out of time, and as the wedding day approaches, Aaron appears to be her last viable option. And she starts to see that maybe he isn’t as awful as he seems in the office.

Catalina, whose real name is Lina, and Aaron share an employer. Not only are they not pals, but they actively dislike one another. At least, Lina has this opinion.

The Spanish Love

Now, picture Lina’s shock when Aaron, the one with the gorgeous blue eyes and Greek God-like form who makes her weak-kneed and shaky, makes the move when she desperately needs a pretend lover to take to her sister’s wedding. Her ex-boyfriend is her future brother-in-law and best man.

Are we dealing with a man who has lost his mind? Is he making fun of her? Can her heart survive this Spanish love fraud, heaven forbid she agrees?

The Spanish Love Deception seemed to pop up wherever I looked, so I decided to give it a shot. After reading the summary, I decided to purchase the book. In fact, after reading just a few chapters, I knew this book would spell my doom.

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Final Words

There is nothing wrong with him. He is the nicest person I have ever met and has restored my faith in the existence of decent human beings in the world. Though he was initially a bit of a mystery and seemed like a jerk in the first few chapters, I couldn’t help but fall hopelessly in love with him as the novel went.