The Board Portal Buyer’s Guide

The Board Portal Buyer's Guide

Those that are serious about board portals may run into a slew of difficulties in their quest for the ideal answer. They could be looking for a specific feature or a specific pricing structure. It also necessitates a substantial amount of investigation.

The information in this guide will serve as a starting point for anyone looking to learn more about board portals and help you narrow down your options.

The Board Portal Buyer's Guide

What Is a Board Portal?

For those who aren’t aware with board portal software, it’s an online programme that board members use to carry out their responsibilities. When you log on, you truly encounter everything you need for a productive board meeting in one spot.

A board portal is also known to provide directors with confidential access to prior and present board information. And, it avails all the involved tools that help administrators prepare for board meetings and execute their committee operations.

Finally, these efficient methods make it easier for busy board members to share information. Even when the events are on the go, it is relevant. What do you think? If you want to examine the greatest board portals, you may visit

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Board Portals: What to Keep in Mind?

With the board portal, you can make sure you get the best product possible from a vendor by following a set of criteria or characteristics. You can find out what questions to ask the provider below in order to get your programme.

1. Breaches

Boards should look for vendors whose board portal software has never been successfully hacked, despite the fact that breaches are widespread. It’s important for vendors to be transparent and honest with their customers if their platform has been hacked.

And in order for boards’ investments and sensitive information on their platform to be adequately protected, they need be open about how their security is always being improved. There should be enough information about a vendor’s security procedures to make it clear what’s going on.

2. Tests for Entrapment

Regular penetration testing should be conducted at all levels of an organisation. An annual full penetration test and a monthly automated application penetration test are the minimum requirements for a board meeting software vendor following best practises.

Vulnerability assessments should be completed at least once a week. The boards of directors may also want to mention a comprehensive security assessment to make sure their frameworks are safe.

3. Third-Party Audits

Standard control reports for service organisations, such as the SSAE 16 and the ISAE 3402, must be in place before a technology provider can handle any sensitive data.

Additionally, outstanding virtual boardroom providers will be ISO 27001-certified. As you can see, the vendor has implemented a comprehensive approach to protecting customer data, which includes everything from firewalls and virus management to legal protection and physical security.

Customers’ private information should be protected with at least 128-bit encryption at the data centre, on the road, and on their own devices. For the sake of security, each customer’s data should be protected by their own set of keys.

4. Online Security vs. Offline Safety

Other applications only allow users to access PDF records while they are unconnected, making them more vulnerable to hacking and, in some cases, erasing the reports completely from the application. Regardless of how clients access the application, your board books should be completely safe.

5. Having Multiple Accounts 

Several chiefs sit on multiple boards. A well-informed businessperson will wish to allow their customers access to the board books of the many boards to which they belong.

Access to board books across each of their boards is restricted and accessible only if the other boards on which they sit use the same client. Members of the board should speak with their respective chiefs. They will frequently be able to tell you specific board passages they enjoy and how they feel about the overall experience.

6. Pages and Notes 

Before or during a meeting, significant changes are inevitable. In the event that a published document is edited or erased in any way, a well-designed board document management system will allow directors to retain their notes.

7. Managing Updates 

Chief executives should be able to access their board books even if the working framework is being redesigned. So that the programme doesn’t experience any downtime, they should hunt for associations that can make iOS-style and distinct stages as fluid as is possible.

8. Enhanced Functionality

There are additional features offered by some vendors, such as improved governance processes.

Your board of directors and administrators will benefit from increased mobility and less effort thanks to electronic signatures and voting, D&O surveys, board assessments, secure communication, minutes of board meetings, and governance insights.

Note-sharing and a document library are two more useful tools for board members to have at their disposal if they want to work together more effectively.

9. Digital Shredding 

Board room software providers should always allow their clients the option of wiping all user notes and comments, leaving no digital evidence.

When this wipe is done, the client should be able to choose the time, which can be done either automatically or on-demand. Alternatively, if archiving of user notes is required, the system should be flexible enough to accommodate that.

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The End of the Story

There has been a paradigm shift in board book production thanks to software. Corporations’ secretaries and other employees save a lot of time by using board portals instead of paper-based board books.

Using board portal software, boards can go from spending days to weeks on board books in just a few short hours. So, in 2024, you’ll need to talk to vendors about all of the above-mentioned options.