13 ‘Stream2Watch’ Alternatives for Watching Sports Online in 2023


Stream2Watch is one of the primary providers of sports entertainment. It comprises various sports and has a live streaming feature of all the major leagues, snooker, and other sports.

The best thing is there is always an availability of sports streaming via links provided. Stream2Watch has various web-based channels at its disposal and only for the sole source of streaming.

It comprises of MMS, Streaming URL, Justin.TV and other streaming services that have sports and entertainment channels at its range.


Stream2Watch is said to be one of the best sites to stream free sports. Its only flaw is that it is restricted in some countries.

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13 Stream2Watch Alternatives

It has been an issue for several people and if it’s an issue for you then below is the list of all the alternatives that will provide you the same or better service.

1. SportP2P

In this site watching sports is free of cost. Plus you don’t need an account. The content is also well catalogued and there is a link for every event 30 minutes before the game starts.

User interface is said to be elegant and remarkable and the service is great without any doubt. No ad disturbance is seen on the site which provides smooth and hassle free streaming.

2. 12th Player

This is another free sports streaming website that provide top notch quality. No ads are previewed this website which give us the indication that owner is controlling finances from his own pocket.

The web design is simple and while the user interface is not good but the site has top notch sports content featured. There is no need for account creation.

Live streams for sports are available and videos are saved in website as to re watch the content again.

3. Sports365

As the site name suggests it is a dedicated sports site. It doesn’t store any video content. There is a notification whenever there is live stream of any sports even and the links are listed at Home.

The platform design is flawless and is better than most of the sites that feature the same content. The only problem with this site is that it consists of ads.

Although, the live stream is smooth as a butter and plus point is there is no need for account creation.

4. VIP Box

VIP Box is considered as on one of the best sites that can offer sports streaming. Although, its design has its flaws but the quality content and high quality streaming is what makes this site one of the best.

Account creation is your choice but the user might have to tolerate multiple ads during the experience. As the streaming starts there is expected to be no buffering if  the user has a good internet connection.

5. WiziWig

It isn’t as active like all the other sites but still is considered as an alternative. There is no need to create an account to get started.The site also has a live TV shows catalogue but the main content is related to sports.

A radio stream is also in the catalogue.The site is simple and although the design has flaws it also had its shared set of benefits like it’s easy to use.

6. First Row Sports

This site has some features that cannot be seen in any other sites on this list like Hockey and Olympics games.  This site gives you a desirable experience when you are watching the game.

There is absolutely no need to create an account.But the downside of this site is that it has ads that interrupt streaming as the creator has to keep the website in a good state.

7. CricFree

CricFree is considered to be an excellent site but its not available on a global level. It has all the basics comprised in it if you want got stream sports for free in England.

Overall the website is considered to be flawless and there is no need for account creation.  The streams comprised in this website are streamed in great quality and load fast.

The advantage of using this website is that there are no ads on it.Chat room is available if you want to interact with sports fans all around but for that feature, you must have an account.

8. VIP League

This website lets you stream sports live and plus there are no ads on this website. There is no need to create an account for full fletched experience.

It is advisable that you should turn ON your Antivirus and have a VPN so to prevent user privacy and protect yourself from information stealing.

9. Stop Stream

Stop Stream is not a big name and is very less known among all the sites on the list. The site has a very good streaming quality less known site among all the websites on this list just.

But it’s as good as others as the streaming quality is quite good. There is no need for an account but you have to beware of all the ads that pop up.

The site has a streaming service tie-up with Channel Surf that allows for live streaming. Channel Surf links you to trusted sources of TV show that can be watched.

10. Sport Lemon

The web design is pretty basic but is very organized and runs pretty smooth with almost no ads.Account creation is not at all needed. The content has a wide diversity of sports and streaming for all is available.

All the sites in comparison streams are stored all the previous streams on the website so you can always re-watch your favorite movie.

11. Stream Woop

People who are interested in American sports this site is considered good. There is no account to be registered for streaming. It has a very simple layout without ads and has an elegant design and is very easy to use.

There is a feature in which you can re-watch the entire sports event all again. If you created a site that is related to sports it has a code that can be copy pasted and the widget be available to all the viewers.

12. Feed2All

The site is not at all fancy and follows a classic pattern but when it comes to streaming of variety of sports it is the most reliable source or site.

The streaming is done at high quality. The video is streamed with no buffer if you have a decent internet connection.

You don’t have to create an account to get started although you may have to tolerate a few pop-up ads. The site has a wide variety of sports categories. You will never run out of sports events to binge-watch.

13. Strike Out

Strike Out is preferred over all other sites as it is considered as one of the best. It is the only streaming site that has NBA, NFL and UFC streams for free and at its disposal.

This is the site that every sport lover should consider.  No ads at its disposal which makes it efficient, easy to explore and user friendly. The content in the site is well catalogued. Plus, there is absolutely no need to create account.


1. What is Stream2Watch Site?

It is considered to be one of the most reliable well known and user friendly sites to stream sports. But due to some privacy reasons and user privacy this site was closed for further use.

2. Are Sports Streaming Legal?

Some cases this might be the true as some just feature sports channel on their site which is usually free of cost. But if you want to be absolutely sure you should use VPN software so as to avoid privacy leaks.

3. Why All Content Cannot Be Accessed?

Some sites or platforms only allow certain content to be shared and some content for a selected group. This is the reason that specific countries are banned free services.

There is a way that can be used to stream these sites regardless of the ban and it is via VPN services that can mask your real location and make you incognito.

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Sports lover’s hobbies basically comprise of watching sports and playing sports. If you can’t find the content you want on TV then there are various streaming platforms that can give you that content and that too free of cost.


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