5 Best ‘Slideshow Maker’ With Incredible Features in 2024

Slideshow Maker

To assist you create a slideshow and capture photographs with the help of a Slideshow Maker below are some software, applications, programmes, and websites. Editing tools and menus are included in Slideshow Maker Software.

Slideshow Maker

It is possible to save these files in a variety of formats, including MP4, AVI, and MPEG, among others. You can use these slideshow software to make special occasions like weddings and birthday parties even more memorable by expressing your ideas in the best way possible.

Slideshow Maker

1. Movavi Slideshow Maker

It is possible to build a stunning presentation with Movavi’s slideshow maker in both Windows and Mac OS X.


  • Pre-made slideshow templates are available in the software.
  • This software allows you to take screenshots.
  • Classic, modern, and professional transitions are available in 105 different styles.
  • Photo polishing is only one of the many features this app provides. It has 105 different filters.
  • It’s compatible with mp4, avi, and mov files.
    Users can also post and make YouTube slideshow videos.

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2. Slideshow

For the most part, this application is a breeze to work with. On Windows 10, you may create a dynamic slideshow using this app. Input and output choices are extensive, as are the capabilities for manipulating photos and audio. Email support is only available with the purchase of technical support plans.


  • About 40 transition effects, including music and some current tools and actions, are available in this package.
  • Crop and rotate images with this app.
  • Context, hue, and brightness can all be adjusted.
  • Effects and multi-media presentations are part of the package.
  • Using a DVD or uploading to YouTube makes it simple to distribute.

3. Slideshow Maker for Ice Cream

Using the free Icecream Slideshow Maker freeware couldn’t be easier. A playlist can be created for each presentation by adding various music files.


  • It provides online help.
  • After creating a video slideshow, you can save the project.
  • It also includes a forward addition.
  • It’s a music slideshow builder with an easy-to-use personalization tool, and it’s free.
  • A single mouse click is all it takes to add new images to your slideshow.
  • All images are copyrighted by Roxio.

4. PhotoShow

Using Roxio’s Photoshow, you may create an interactive slideshow (photoshow). It enables users to create a slideshow by combining images and video clips into a single presentation.


  • There are a variety of options available, including borders, stickers, and more.
  • Customizations allow for more extensive slideshow options (add music, animation and border).
  • Make an account before using this app.
  • In addition, you can post your slideshow to the Photoshop gallery page for other people to view and enjoy.

5. 123-slideshow

It’s a basic and easy-to-use service that produces stunning slideshows.


  • There is no better free flash slideshow maker out there than this.
  • You can select photographs from a USB drive or a computer’s photo collection.
  • Slideshows allow you to include text and hyperlinks.
  • Color, themes, and other elements are at your disposal.
  • If you’d like, we can look into adding it to your website.

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Slideshows can be edited and created using these applications and websites, as well as a variety of additional resources. We can also use these programmes for educational purposes, as we are accustomed to using PPT in MS PowerPoint and don’t know about these fantastic presentation producers.

You won’t have any trouble understanding or using these programmes at all. The digital world benefits greatly from the use of such applications.