Selena Star Christian Serratos Reflects On Filming Singers Death Scene

Selena Star Christian Serratos Reflects On Filming Singers Death Scene

Actor Christian Serratos, like many others, is familiar with the details of Selena Quintanilla’s sad shooting death, but it didn’t make portraying it any easier for the Netflix series “Selena.”

The actor playing the late Tejano musician, Christian Serratos, recently spoke with Variety about the weight of filming the sequence. “It was crucial to just reveal pertinent information, in my opinion. Respectfully, I believe that to be the case, “According to Serratos.

Selena Star Christian Serratos Reflects On Filming Singers Death Scene

It’s The Story Of A Fantastic Beautiful Woman.

She went on to say, “This isn’t the story of a tragedy; it’s the story of a fantastic, beautiful woman,” and that viewers “are already overwhelmed with emotion” just watching the film with prior knowledge of its plot.

The first trailer for “Selena: The Series,” starring The Walking Dead’s Lauren Cohan as the late music icon, has been released by Netflix. In March of 1995, Quintanilla was shot by Yolanda Saldivar, president of her fan club (portrayed in the show by Natasha Perez).

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The Biographical Series Delves Deeply

Youngest of the group’s vocalists was only 23. An avid admirer of Selena, Serratos reflected, “it hit me like a tonne of bricks that I was travelling in the footsteps of somebody who was about to have something awful happen.”

The biographical series delves deeply into not only the late singer’s meteoric rise from performing at small local gigs to becoming one of the most successful female Latin artists of all time, but also the ways in which her family dynamic shaped who she was as a person and an artist.

“I Believe It Is A Family Drama With The Background Of Music.”

The Cast of “Selena” Opens Up About Their Optimism Selena Quintanilla is excited about the new Netflix series. Seidy López, who plays Selena’s mother Marcella Quintanilla, previously told Fox News when promoting the series.

“I believe it is a family drama with the background of music.” We got lucky with this series in that we can give you a deeper look into her background and the events that shaped her career and life.

Gonzalez Felt The Weight Of The Responsibility.

The actress playing Selena’s sister and percussionist Suzette, Noem Gonzalez, recently told Fox Information that she hoped the show will “give back” to Selena. Not surprisingly, Gonzalez felt the weight of the responsibility.

The phrase “it truly meant to me” was used by her when she informed Fox how important the topic was. Gonzalez, who had been a lover of Selena’s music since childhood, even learnt to play the drums specifically for the role.

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Final Words

She shared her sorrow with the family because she, too, had experienced the death of a sibling. I felt a deep bond to them as a family.