Rogue Georgia Cop Caught in Viral X-Rated Tiktoks

Rogue Georgia Cop Caught in Viral X-Rated Tiktoks

A police officer in Georgia drove his squad car to a remote place off a quiet road in a sleepy Georgia town, got out, walked around the back, and began having sexual relations with a woman while still in uniform.

Cop Caught in Viral X-Rated Tiktoks

However, last week, someone in a nearby telecoms tower began capturing and uploading the films to TikTok, where they soon gained more than 15 million views.

Rogue Georgia Cop Caught in Viral X-Rated Tiktoks

“Caught on camera!!!” says the headline about the video of police being caught. The hashtags “#towerclimbers” and “#dirtydeeds” were included in the caption of one video.

Now, Officer Larry “Benjamin” Thompson of the Millen Police Department has resigned and a history of misbehaviour has surfaced. This officer was recognised by local news station WRDW.

Identical towers, cemeteries, and dirt and bushy areas can be observed on satellite maps of White Oak Road in Millen, a village of roughly 3,500 people an hour south of Augusta. Across the street, the map indicates, is a school.

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More than 16 million people have seen the drone footage since it was uploaded on March 20. The police chief, Dwayne Herrington, was supposed to meet with Thompson on Monday afternoon to discuss a video, but the officer resigned instead.

The former officer has a history of wrongdoing during his time with the compact force.

According to WRDW, in 2017, Thompson accidentally discharged his gun, striking another officer in the arm. Supposedly, he was just cleaning the gun when it jammed and went off.

Then, in 2020, a lady with whom Thompson had previously been involved reported him to the Millen Police Department for allegedly harassing her. According to the prosecution report, Thompson acknowledged to checking her tags to find her new address so that he could send her some old belongings. This time he got two days off.

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Last Words

The inquiry documents obtained by the network also reveal that Thompson accidentally shot a coworker in the arm in 2017 while working for the Millen fire department.

An internal investigation revealed there were no issues with the firearm despite his claims that he encountered one while cleaning it. The criminal investigation section stated, “This is not an excuse to be accepted; merely a reflection after the fact.” Despite the term “accidental discharge,” a negligent discharge is what actually occurs.