Prime Videos Outer Range Gives Middling Twin Peaks Vibesbut

Prime Videos Outer Range Gives Middling Twin Peaks Vibesbut

Unique television genres have had a renaissance in 2022. Showtime’s Yellowjackets, which follows a group of young women who play soccer and who become lost in the Canadian wilderness and who may or may not be cannibals, felt like a natural successor to the cultural phenomenon Lost.

Severance, a horror show on AppleTV+, took inspiration from the subgenre of corporate horror, which includes works as diverse as The Stanley Parable and Westworld. Outer Range, a new sci-fi anthology series, premiered on Prime Video in April with its first season’s eight episodes.

Prime Videos Outer Range Gives Middling Twin Peaks Vibesbut

Horror Rendition

Where Yellowjackets seemed like Lost and Severance felt like a horror rendition of The Truman Show, Outer Range feels like it was ripped from the same cloth as other cult classic juggernauts, specifically David Lynch’s loved-and-hated Twin Peaks and Netflix’s German sleeper hit, Dark.

Not surprisingly, given that neither Twin Peaks nor Dark became massive hits during their respective runs, but hey, sometimes it’s the shows you have to go seeking for on your own that end up sticking with you the most, right? Indeed, Outer Range fits that description.

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Adds to Their Unique Appeal

The fact that each of these segments seems like it might have been lifted from a completely different show adds to their unique appeal.

The bizarre bottomless black hole in the Earth isn’t the only indicator that you’re in for some science fiction surrealism and fantasy in Outer Range; there’s also a healthy dose of purposeful ridiculousness.

As a sort of western-flavored riff on the Log Lady, the Abbot’s life is populated by singing cowboys, possibly sentient taxidermied animals, and bureaucrats with pet ravens that sit in their offices;

however, instead of ominous warnings, this particular eccentric character wants to know what the sheriff is going to do about all the mastodon sightings happening in caves around town. (In actuality, no one has seen a mastodon in any caverns in the area, at least not yet.)

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Last Words

That’s where the second half of Outer Range’s 1-2 punch comes in. For those unfamiliar, Dark is a German science fiction series that aired in the United States on Netflix and gained cult status for its innovative and heartfelt take on familiar topics and themes related to time travel.

When dealing with time travel in Dark, things were never as simple as getting in a DeLorean or time machine, or as straightforward as trying to avoid creating “paradoxes” by not doing anything that would mess with the timeline. thanks for reading our article Prime Videos Outer Range Gives Middling Twin Peaks Vibesbut.


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